June the 13th will be a ground-breaking day for urban travel. It will see the unveiling of Whim, the world’s first ever all-inclusive mobility service. Whim, an app based on the Finnish MaaS (Mobility as a Service) concept, gives people instant access to virtually every kind of transport, from brand new cars to taxis, buses, trains and bike share. It takes care of everything, from finding the best way to get there to ticketing and payments. That’s exactly what MaaS is all about, too – fulfilling all people’s mobility needs in one place.

“Whim will change the way we move forever,” says Sampo Hietanen, the CEO and Founder of MaaS Global, the Finnish startup behind Whim, and the father of the MaaS concept. “It’s the 21st century equivalent to the Model T, which gave people the freedom to go wherever and whenever they wanted. In today’s world, Whim will be better than your own car.”

Whim offers both monthly mobility packages and travel on a pay as you go basis. The app syncs with the users’ calendar, helping plan journeys in advance. Still, it can also be used to go places at the press of a button – literally on a whim.

Currently in pilot testing, the Whim app will be launched for Helsinki region, Finland after the summer. The next step is fast global expansion, with two more cities added this year and many more lined up. Hietanen is confident that Whim will make mobility infinitely easier, but that’s not all.

“It will encourage the use of public transport, which means cleaner cities with less traffic jams. There’s huge business potential for transport providers, too, as more convenient mobility will bring them more customers. Our aim is to join forces with as many providers as possible, because together we’ll be able to offer an amazing service.”

Whim will be demonstrated on June the 13th at the FMS (Forum for Mobility and Society) debate on MaaS in Brussels

For more information about MaaS Global, please contact:

Sampo Hietanen, CEO and Founder, MaaS Global
Tel: +358 40 565 7688
Email: sampo.hietanen@maas.fi
Web: www.maas.global

For more information about Whim, please contact:

Kaj Pyyhtiä, CXO and Co-Founder, MaaS Global
Tel: +358 50 541 4797
Email: kaj.pyyhtia@maas.fi
Web: www.maas.global


MaaS Global’s goal is to reshape the world’s transportation markets. MaaS Global is the world’s first mobility-as-a-service company, founded in 2015. MaaS Global serves as an operator between transport services providers, users and third parties. It will combine all the existing transport services into a single mobile application on the ‘single-ticket principle’ and offer personalised transport plans tailored to customer needs. The biggest single owners in MaaS Global are Transdev, Karsan Otomotiv Sanayii and Ticaret AS, Veho Oy Ab and MaaS Global CEO Sampo Hietanen. Whim is MaaS Global’s and the world’s first all-inclusive mobility application.