Whim, the groundbreaking Finnish mobility service by MaaS Global, picked up two prestigious design awards in last night’s Vuoden Huiput, Finland’s most important creative design competition. Whim won the Gold award in the Services category and the Silver award in Innovation.

Vuoden Huiput (the Best of the Year) by Grafia – the Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland – celebrates quality design, creativity and originality, while helping promote designers’ expertise. The competition was organised for the 37th time this year, with a total of 15 categories. Its jury consists of Finland’s most renowned creatives.

“The recognition at Vuoden Huiput means a lot to us. We have always put the customer at the centre of everything we do. We’ve worked with our customers from the very first day we started, to make sure their voices are heard and that our service is designed for them. The fact that we won the award for Services and Innovation shows that we have succeeded in turning our ideas and vision into reality in just the right way,” says Kaj Pyyhtiä, the CXO and Co-Founder of Whim.

A beautiful solution for a global challenge

For its Gold award in Services, Whim caught the jury’s attention with both its visual appeal and its unique promise. Whim was described as a beautifully designed end to end mobility service which offers consumers a unified experience. “It has the potential to grow into a global leader in mobility services,” the jury said.

The Silver award in Innovation was given to Whim for its pioneering approach to urban mobility: “Whim has intrepidly entered a market traditionally dominated by big global players. The jury would love to see this ambitious challenge resolved here in Finland.”

“I want to thank Shape Helsinki for their work in making this happen, our own team for all the hard work, as well as our customers who helped us envision how Whim should be,” Pyyhtiä concludes.

About Whim:

The Whim mobile app frees you to travel wherever and whenever, with public transport, taxis, brand-new cars and more. A monthly Whim package covers all your daily journeys, and the service can also be tested on a pay-per-journey basis. It is the first service of its kind anywhere in the world. Whim is currently in test use in the Helsinki region and will be launched publicly in May 2017. The service will also be expanding to the West Midlands, UK and Amsterdam, NL in 2017.

For more information about MaaS Global and Whim:

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