MaaS Global, a Finnish company that has gained considerable international attention and significant funding in 2017, launches new mobility service packages and 10 € short-distance taxi rides in the greater Helsinki area via its award-winning mobile app, Whim.

“In our opinion, no means of transport alone can fulfil the needs of a modern, active lifestyle in a flexible and sustainable way. For example, the new Länsimetro, even when fully operational, raises the question of how to get to the station. Another dilemma might be how to make longer weekend trips without a car?” says Sampo Hietanen, CEO and founder of MaaS Global.

“Public transportation, taxis, car sharing, car rental or, for example, city bicycles, each play an important role in making every-day life practical. These become a real alternative to, say, a second family car only when their best features are combined in an easy and enticing manner”, Hietanen continues.

Whim now brings together the best features of different means of transportation into one easy-to-use service that offers a modern alternative to car ownership

Honoured with multiple innovation awards both in Finland and abroad, the Whim mobile app brings together the reservation and payment services and tickets of HSL public transport, Taksi Helsinki and Lähitaksi taxi services, Veho, Sixt and Hertz car rental. City bicycles and car sharing vehicles will be integrated into the service during the early part of 2018. Journeys can be paid for separately on a Pay-as-you-Go basis, or via a great value monthly payment.

A 10 € taxi offers a new, easy alternative to rail connections and interchanges

The new Whim Urban monthly package offers an unlimited number of HSL’s single tickets, price-capped 10-euro taxi rides in a 5-km radius and a fixed, 49 € per day Veho car rental option. The new Whim Urban monthly package allowing unlimited HSL journeys within Helsinki’s borders is available to the first 3 000 customers for only 49 euros. A Whim Urban package including one month’s worth of HSL’s regional tickets costs is also available for just 99 euros.

”It’s time to shift from words to actions and in doing so, we lower the threshold of making the most of Länsimetro. For only ten euros most people living in the greater Helsinki area can make their way to the metro or train station closest to them. Add to this the fact that you can get a car for longer weekend trips for under 50 euros a day, we believe we really can make every-day life easier for people”, Hietanen says.

The world’s first “all-inclusive” mobility package challenges the concept of car ownership

The cost of owning a car adds up to around 500 euros per month.  The Whim Unlimited monthly package offers free access to all means of transport, including a car, with a fixed price of 499 euros. The package includes everything you need to get around, like a Veho rental car for every day or an unlimited amount of taxi rides of under 5 km, in addition to HSL single tickets for whenever you need them.  Initially, 300 of these special-priced “all-inclusive” packages will be made available for sale.

“For the same cost of keeping an average car parked, unused, you now get the most effective way of moving around the city every day without the hassles of vehicle ownership. And if you, on certain occasions, need a bigger car or just want to have a more luxurious experience, you can upgrade by paying an extra fee for the day in question. We believe this kind of a solution appeals to the young, smart generation, to whom mobility and experience is more important than ownership. In addition to that, we are also competing with the decision of getting a second car for the family, Hietanen says.

You can download the Whim mobile app from

The challenges of mobility have been recognized globally – world-beating solutions are developed in Finland

Whim is a new mobility app created by the Finnish company MaaS Global. Founded in 2015, MaaS Global is the world’s first MaaS (Mobility as a Service) company, and it has initiated a worldwide revolution in transportation and mobility.

The idea behind this Finnish innovation, begun by Sampo Hietanen in 2006, is to gather together different means of transport into one service – and it is truly game-changing on an international level. Thanks to new legislation that supports open data, digitalisation, innovation and business, those operating in the platform economy have been granted the opportunity to develop existing transport services in Finland.

Worldwide interest in the development of Intelligent Mobility and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has been growing for a number of years, since the challenges of urbanisation and sustainable mobility have been growing and are becoming increasingly more urgent to solve.  Thanks to the concentration of innovation in the field of smart transportation that has been incubated in the greater Helsinki area, Finland has already put itself a frontrunner in the Mobility as a Service movement – one which is closely monitored internationally.

The Whim app is under continuous development, and discussions are already underway about expanding its availability not just to other cities in Finland, but also to other cities in the UK, as well as to Antwerp and Amsterdam in 2018, with discussions already underway in a number of other world-leading cities.

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