Whim has again received recognition for its innovative and groundbreaking service idea and design. The Association for Finnish work awarded Whim with the Design from Finland mark.

The Association for Finnish work awards products and services for their work with unique Finnish design. The mark indicates that the company has made a great effort to be a fort runner in the field of Finnish design.

Our aim is to provide an alternative for owning a car by combining different transportation modes into one service. The service needs to be easy to use and well designed entirety for our customers so the development of the user interface and user experience are in the key role in our everyday work, says Kaj Pyyhtiä, The CXO and Co-Founder of MaaS Global.

The Design from Finland mark was launched in 2011 when it was recognised that design should be highlighted as a critical success factor for Finnish companies. The mark provides consumers in Finland and abroad with evidence of Finnish design excellence. Well-designed products and services are better to use, and consumers find them more desirable.

The meaning of design is already huge for Finland’s national economy and it’s constantly increasing. The history of Finnish design has been mainly related to home decoration, but now we are designing also digital services which of Whim is an excellent example, says Johanna Lahti from the Association for Finnish work.

Design from Finland mark is a great advantage for us in the new markets as Finland has a good reputation in designing smart solutions. Whim app is now at beta stage in Birmingham in the UK and will be launched there later in this spring. After that we are expanding to Netherlands, says Pyyhtiä.

For more information, please contact:
Veera Aalto, Communications coordinator, Maas Global Ltd
+358 407427379
https://maas.global, https://whimapp.com