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Whim is based on the Mobility as a Service concept (MaaS), which combines a huge range of transport options to make travelling easier than ever. The core of the MaaS concept is that all your daily mobility needs are covered by a single service. That’s what Whim is all about: it looks after everything from travel planning and routes to bookings, tickets and payments.If you’re interested in learning more about Mobility-as-a-Service, please take a look at our blog.

Whim is a revolutionary mobile app that frees you to travel on a whim. You can travel by public transport, taxi, e-scooters – and soon, we’ll have many more options for you, too. With Whim, traveling is always easy, no matter your choice of transport. Just tap a button to get there on a whim!

In this article we explain the key features of the Whim experience, from downloading the app to setting up a Whim account.

To redeem travel credit, you need to download the app and complete your registration. Once registered, you can add the code by opening the menu in your Whim app, select “Add Travel Credit”, enter the code and submit. The travel credit will then be used on your upcoming trip(s).


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