nextbike, the world’s most extensive bikeshare provider, today announced a revolutionary partnership with mobility app Whim which will see the UK’s first MaaS launch to take place in the West Midlands.

MaaS – short for Mobility as a Service – seamlessly combines transport services to enable customers to use bikes, buses, trains and taxis within the same scheme to reach their destination. In the solution, customers get all aspects of transport, including planning, booking, ticketing and payment, all included in one.

The launch of the service, set for the autumn, will enable Midlanders to access all modes of transport with an app, with the aim of reducing the need for people to drive into the city centres.

“We are in a golden age of transport and this is an incredibly exciting development. nextbike is delighted to be playing its part in such a significant move which hopes to revolutionise the way people access transport,” said nextbike’s UK MD Julian Scriven.

“If we are to reduce congestion in cities and improve the environment we have to make the most of an integrated transport framework. This move underlines nextbike’s commitment to working hand-in-hand with councils and stakeholders to develop cleaner transport infrastructure.”

This will be the first MaaS service launch to take place outside of the Finnish capital Helsinki, where MaaS Global launched the Whim app last year.

“In our vision, Whim not only provides people convenient access to all modes of transportation – it will enable them to make better choices in regards to how we move. Already, the more ecological and healthy modes of transportation are very interesting to our customers. The demand for such services, as bike sharing, is growing significantly in every large city. We are happy to cooperate with the leading bikeshare provider in the world”, said MaaS Global’s CXO and Co-founder Kaj Pyyhtiä.

For more information about nextbike:
Nathan Rous, Nathan Rous PR
Tel. 01952 727024 or 07971 603477

For more information about Whim:
Kaj Pyyhtiä, CXO and Co-Founder, MaaS Global
Tel. +358 50 541 3797

In 2017, nextbike is one of the world’s most extensive bike share providers with over 40,000 bicycles across 120+ cities in 25 countries. The full in-house experience leads to high quality, reliable and flexible bike share schemes that can be seamlessly integrated with public transport infrastructure. With over 13 years of experience, nextbike has provided cutting edge innovation to cities across the world, developing tailored and versatile bike share schemes that can be implemented according to project-specific requirements. nextbike works in creative and collaborative ways to create business models that quickly become sustainable and profitable.

Whim is a revolutionary mobility app that frees you to travel wherever and whenever. You can find all the routes, fees, tickets, timetables, booking and travel options in one place so that you can focus on the essentials. Choose a monthly package to cover all your daily journeys, or just pay-as-you-go.