SATO and MaaS Global launch collaboration pilot for housing and mobility.

The rental housing provider SATO anticipates that urban housing will generate more and more needs for easy-to-access services that can be included in the rent. One example of future housing services is mobility. SATO and Mobility as a Service pioneer MaaS Global, the developer of the Whim mobility app, today announced their housing and mobility pilot for around 1,400 SATO residents in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

SATO, one of Finland’s biggest rental housing providers, believes that urbanisation will boost the need for housing-related services. The fast pace of the urban environment and the diversification of the use of various services increase the need to create effortless sets of services for consumers. SATO President and CEO Saku Sipola envisions that a variety of services could even be included in the home rent in the future.

It’s a natural development to package up rental housing with various services used frequently by urban residents, such as mobility and daily shopping. This will save a lot of time and effort, Sipola says. – The collaboration pilot of MaaS Global and SATO is a good example of synergy between services. Mobility between home and regular everyday destinations is a key part of life, and this may result in something new and interesting for urban housing on the whole.

According to MaaS Global CEO Sampo Hietanen, the cooperation pilot aims to explore the demand for creating “mobility clusters” in places where housing and mobility needs coexist. In practice, this can mean e.g. access to a rental car just around the corner from your home via the Whim mobility service.

Housing and mobility are people’s basic needs. It’s both natural and revolutionary for us to be the first in the world to package up these services. Collaboration with SATO and residents enables the creation of a new and even more efficient set of services to make the residents’ life’s smoother. We’re excited about this opportunity and anticipate the pilot will be expanded in the future, Hietanen says.

The pilot is open for participation by residents of 28 SATO buildings in Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, Niittymaa, Espoo, and Tikkurila, Hakunila, Maarinkunnas, Koivuhaka and Viertola, Vantaa. The first phase of the pilot takes six months, during which the participants will get a discount on the Whim application subscription for three subscription periods. The pilot will include a workshop between SATO, MaaS Global and the participating residents to discuss their experiences of using the service. Feedback and requests will also be collected through online questionnaires throughout the pilot period.

Together with MaaS Global we will evaluate the pilot to consider how to develop our collaboration. I believe that in the coming months our residents and we will learn a lot not only about mobility service needs but also about the need for other services to be packaged up with housing, Sipola sums up.

For more information please contact:
Saku Sipola, President and CEO, SATO Corporation
+358 40 551 5953

Miia Eloranta, Director of Marketing and Communications, SATO Corporation
+358 201 34 4200 or +358 40 164 4221

For interview requests, MaaS Global Ltd

Veera Aalto
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