There’s a real momentum for change

We are on an ambitious road to a world where private car ownership is replaced with something better. Understanding the global problems we are tackling and wider behavioural changes in how we consume and move will convince you to join us in this mission.

Private cars are a major contributor to carbon emissions

Status. Convenience. Freedom. Things we associate with cars. How do you compete with that? No one single mode offers the same ability to go anywhere, anytime.

Today, some 56% of the world’s population live in cities.

By 2050, it is estimated that nearly 7 out of 10 people will live in cities.

The World Bank, 2022

But what if you were able to combine all currently available modes of transportation? Buses, trains, trams, metro, taxis, city bikes, e-scooters, rental and shared cars – all accessible through one solution – one app, perhaps? Available to be used on a whim. You wouldn’t have to worry about car insurance, gas prices, parking spaces, car maintenance and would be free to go anywhere, anytime as you were with your own car. Our own cars usually sit unused most of the time anyway (92-96%, to be exact), so why keep it when you have an alternative that is at least as good, more flexible, and most likely also cheaper?

The transition from ownership to access is already happening

Source: Roland Berger

Fortunately we at MaaS Global are not alone with these thoughts. According to a 2018 study(1) made by TNS Kantar, 38% of car owners across European cities would be willing to change to a MaaS Solution if there was a possibility to do so.

(1)In Euro it equals to 70 million cars

Roland Berger have estimated(2) that by 2030 15% of cars on the roads are used through various access options rather than ownership. Users are already anticipating this – 81% of respondents would prefer to use one single app/platform for ordering and billing all mobility-related services (e.g. car, bus, train, plane) in a survey made by BearingPoint Mobility in 2022(3). So the willingness is there, we just have to provide the solution.

(2)Access without ownership will reach 15% of cars on streets by 2030

(3)For ordering and billing all mobility related services (e.g. car, bus, train, plane)

In 2020 MaaS Global announced a mission to replace 1 million private cars with a MaaS solution by 2030. We have been working towards this mission building our award-winning Whim app since 2017, now you have the chance to hop on this unstoppable train towards a more sustainable future.

  • Covering all travel needs by unifying all modes of transportation in one single solution
  • Planning, routing, ticketing, payment and customer service
  • Flexible mobility plans: Subscription, packages or pay-per-ride
  • Nudge users towards more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly routes
  • Global roaming enables seamless cross-border travel and tourism without the stress

MaaS is seen as the only real contender to car ownership. Now is the time not only to transform the mobility industry, but to break new ground in the world in general – together with you.

So waste no time and contact us now to hear how we can help you to make most out of these new opportunities.