Mobility shares many touchpoints with various industries

Tap into the vast potential of mobility with a MaaS solution that helps answering your existing customers’ needs and opens up opportunities to attract and engage new ones.

Are you looking for new expansion opportunities?

Well look no further. MaaS is the answer for today’s problems regarding urbanisation and the fight against increasing carbon emissions. Answer your current customers’ problems and acquire new ones by partnering up with MaaS Global and take advantage of our knowledge of this new industry we are recognized as a global leader in.

Benefits for you and your company

Offer sustainable mobility options with state of the art products and services

Offer mobility solutions that have a positive impact on people’s health with active modes

Collect valuable data that helps you understand people’s behavior and mobility patterns

Offer state-of-the-art products and services that align with the current needs and values of new generations to attract new customers

Increase revenue by adding additional revenue streams and higher customer retention

Become a significant player in a market that will change how people consume, move and live by partnering up with us early

Additional benefits for the customer

In line with the benefits to your company, a MaaS solution answers tangible concerns and needs that your customers are facing. By offering new types of mobility services, you attach your brand to a growing trend in the wider audience’s eyes when it comes to tackling long-term problems such as climate change, rising carbon emissions and even populations’ health and activity. Read more here.

Use Cases

Mobility-as-a-Service can be implemented in many industries and have a big, positive impact on our lives – from less pollution and traffic to more free space in urban areas and healthier cities, to name just a few. Your business, on the other hand, can benefit from additional revenue streams and more efficient operations. Take a look at our use cases to learn more!

By offering Mobility-as-a-Service subscriptions through Whim to residents, we can help solve questions like

  • How to minimize the space reserved for parking and use it for something more valuable?
  • How to provide more holistic services to residents?

Added value:

Real estate developer

  • reduced need for parking
  • increased rentable space
  • sustainable society development

Facility manager

  • holistic service to customers
  • increased revenue

Building owner

  • increased value of buildings
  • new revenue stream

Other variations of this service:

  • Office MaaS for employees
  • Town MaaS for mall visitors and tourists

Getting to, around, and from major events is a challenge for everyone involved, including organizers, visitors, and cities. A well-designed MaaS solution can help make the mobility of large crowds smooth and sustainable.

Added value:

City traffic planning

  • Integrated mobility services
  • Sustainable solution for cities
  • Less car traffic during the event


  • Impact on sustainability
  • Post-event usable solution
  • Increased revenue

Event visitor

  • Easy access to mobility services
  • Rewards for sustainable choices

Whenever an insured vehicle needs to be repaired, high costs arise for the insurance company including courtesy cars, express repairs, etc. Mobility-as-a-Service for insurance companies can help reduce costs while being able to deliver a flexible mobility solution to your customers.

Added value:

Insurance service

  • More profitable operations
  • Streamlined operations
  • More sustainable alternative

Customer care

  • Instantly available service
  • Less complex coordination

Repair operator

  • Possibly more time to operate
  • Flexibility in delivery time

The mobility industry is currently undergoing a major transformation and will – or rather must – become more resource-efficient and intelligent. Space in cities is becoming scarcer and cities around the world are therefore facing infrastructural challenges that can be solved, at least in part, by technology and MaaS in particular.

We’ve been impacting the mobility industry with our award-winning Whim app since 2017, and this is our natural habitat. If you want to transform your transportation or mobility business, get in touch with us today.

Flexible partnership options

Strategic partnerships

  • Shared ownership, profits, and decision-making responsibilities
  • Tailored to fully leverage complementary assets and skills
  • Local entity will have access to MG’s global support and resources

  • Localized fully functioning WHIM MaaS application for license holders
  • Partner has control over local strategy
    and commercialization 
  • The license agreement covers the chosen geographic region(s) 
  • Access to MG’s global development,
    knowledge and
    end-to-end MaaS experience.
  • Integration of MaaS functionalities into partner’s existing application
  • Convenient, efficient, and sustainable transportation options
  • Better value proposition 
  • Stronger customer engagement and new revenue streams
  • License options based on partner’s mobility strategy

Project-based Services

  • Jointly defined pilot phase to validate the use case
  • Clear scope, R&R, process, and KPIs to evaluate success for broader partnership

  • Consultancy services to:
    • Create a mobility strategy
    • Build a business case
    • Develop product vision 
    • Make informed decisions for leveraging mobility solutions

So waste no time and contact us now to hear how we can help you to make most out of these new opportunities.