Everyone’s transport needs have changed radically as a result of restrictions in place to fight the corona pandemic. Many can work remotely, but for many others, it’s still absolutely essential to get from place to place. However, our old routes and modes of transport might not fit our current situation, and many people have been exploring other options.

For our part, we wanted to support these changes to daily life. In our home market, we quickly developed new offerings to fit the changed needs. We for example offered the city bike season at a better price than anyone else, developing the Whim Flex subscription for those who need access to a car, and offering a 50% discount on the Whim Urban 30 subscription after the state of emergency, for those who had to take a break from their HSL season ticket.

The city bike season started extra early this spring, offering a quick, safer option for making necessary trips. We’ve also started a cooperation with new strategic partners. Smartum and ePassi, are both highly popular employee benefit providers, so employees can take advantage of commuter benefits with Whim. City bikes are included in all Whim subscriptions, and now, for the first time, you can even buy the city bike season pass separately – available through Whim for just €24,90.

“The advantage of being a MaaS operator like us is that we have the opportunity to work flexibly with our partners, so we can respond to exceptional circumstances and create services to fit the situation. In a crisis of this scale, individual actors might not be able to solve challenges on their own – which is why the right results can only be achieved through cooperation,” says Jarkko Jaakkola, Area Manager of MaaS Global Finland. 

Demand for rental car services has also grown significantly during the corona period. The new Whim Flex subscription offers a flexible way to rent a car without long commitments or expensive deductibles. Created in partnership with Sixt Car Rental, Whim Flex is a convenient, safe alternative for essential trips like going to work or grocery shopping. 

Meanwhile, the use of public transport has decreased considerably, with many people having no use for a HSL season ticket. We’re helping ensure as many people as possible can get back on public transport after the state of emergency by offering 50% off the first Whim Urban 30 season pass after restrictions are lifted. In addition to the season ticket for public transport, Whim Urban 30 includes the very popular €10 taxi rides, city bikes, inexpensive rental cars, and TIER electric scooters (paid separately).