Sampo Hietanen, the CEO and Founder of Helsinki-based start-up MaaS Global, presented today MaaS (Mobility as a Service) at Elisa Akatemia event in Helsinki, Finland. MaaS Global is the world’s first MaaS operator, and Hietanen himself is globally renowned as the father of the concept. The core idea behind MaaS is to fulfill all our daily mobility needs with a single service, either on a monthly subscription or pay as you go basis.

At Friday’s event Hietanen introduced Whim, MaaS Global’s mobility app, which will be released in October this year.

“Whim allows its users to travel on everything from buses to trains, trams, taxis and rental cars. It includes every single trip of the month, door to door. I believe that the greatest benefit, though, will be to give people more time. We spend an average of 90 minutes commuting every day. What if we could reclaim that time for ourselves?”, Hietanen ponders.

Better productivity, less pollution

MaaS will truly revolutionise mobility, while blurring the distinction between public and private transit. Hietanen’s vision of the future not only includes more time, but also self-driving vehicles, fewer private cars and cleaner cities.

“We’ve been approaching the transport debate from the wrong angle,” Hietanen says. “For the end user, it’s not just about getting from A to B, it’s about the entire travel experience. If transport services can be digitally integrated to make them genuinely convenient and easy to use, we’ll see huge gains in productivity, while reducing congestion and pollution.”

Trillion dollar opportunities

The American technology research company ABI Research forecasts the value of the global MaaS market to surpass one trillion dollars by 2030. The future looks bright for the Finnish company, which was the first to enter the fast growing marketplace – ABI Research even mentions MaaS Global as the industry pioneer.

The Whim app will be first released in the Helsinki region. Its monthly prices currently include unlimited travel on public transport, as well as a fixed amount of points to be used flexibly on taxi journeys and rental cars. More transport options will be added in the near future. Whim is available to pre-order from this Friday. One hundred of those who pre-order will get the opportunity to test the monthly mobility package at just 100 euro per month (normal price 249 euro/month) for the rest of the year.

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