Juro terms of use

1. General

These terms of use (“Terms”) applies Juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd.’s (later “Service producer”) Juro- services use on website www.jurobikes.com as well as in juro -mobile applications (together “Service”).

Juro service is service which (here it says what it is all about). Service might include features or attributes which apply terms and rules separately notified and in addition of these terms of use. User is obligated to follow these rules in addition of those terms of use.

Use of service is free to the customer including trial of products and/or services unless it is separately notified.

2. Access right and registering to user

An adult individual may register as a user in accordance with applied law (at least 17 years old). By registering asa user, downloading the service mobile application or otherwise using the service, the person accepts these terms, related privacy statement at address www.jurobikes.com and commits to comply with them.

In favour of acceptance of these Terms, the Service producer grants the user a limited right, further specified on these terms, to use the Service and related mobile applications and website.

The user must provide the information requested during registration truthfully and correctly. The user must update their profile to report to the Service producer when information changes occur. Information to be asked in the profile (example. sex, date of birth) are used to target campaigns and address information is needed to send campaign packages.

No fee is paid to the user for registering for the service. Registration does not create an employment relationship or other representation relationship between the Service producer and the user and nor between the service producer customers (here in after “customer”) and the user.

The user of the Service has no right to transfer the rights under these Terms or obligations to a third party withoutthe prior written consent of the Service Provider. The service provider has the right to transfer his rights and all orpart of their obligations to a third party, during company acquisition or in connection with a business transaction or other similar business arrangement.

In connection with the outsourcing project by notifying the receiving company of the transfer at the Service.

3. General rules

  • Use the vehicle alone. Do not ride with a passenger on or transport an animal with the vehicle.
  • Don’t do tricks or ride in any inappropriate way. Always follow the traffic regulations.
  • Do not use the vehicle under influence of alcohol, narcotics or medication.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Do always a pre-ride check before using the vehicle. Check brakes and the overall condition of the bike. Do not ride a broken vehicle. When driving in dim lighting or in the dark, use front and rear lights.
  • Use the vehicle correctly. Do not add or remove parts from the vehicle.
  • Always park the vehicle on a public area, wherefrom it is easy to the next person to take it on use. Do not park the vehicle on private yards, inner courts of apartment buildings, in front of doors, middle of the passageway nor in any other inappropriate place. Use of common sense is appreciated
  • Do not break or steal the vehicle. Do not move a bike if it is locked. We will always report vandalism and theft to the Police.
  • Misuse of property or theft may lead to liability to compensate.

4. User rights and obligations

When using the Service, the user commits to follow the existing legislation, these terms and any other special terms, rules and guidelines stated in the Service. The user agrees not to use the Service against law or in actionsagainst good manners. The user is responsible for not using hardware or software that will cause harm to the Service Provider, for the service or for other users of the service.

After registration, the user will receive a personal username and password. The user is obliged to keep the ID in secret and is responsible for the use of the ID and possible misuse in the Service. If the user suspects that the IDhas gotten into the wrong hands, the user is obliged to report immediately to the Service Provider.The User has the right to withdraw from the Service at any time if he wishes by notifying the maintenance in writing.

5. Rights to the material contained in the Service

The material included in the service is protected by copyright, trademarks or others intellectual property rights both in Finland and abroad. juro Service is a registered trademark that may not be used without specific written permission of the Service Provider. All rights (including property rights, copyrights, trademark rights, design rightsand other intellectual property rights), of the Service and its material belong to the Service provider, licensors and/or partners and no material may be made or used and not distribute or otherwise make available to the public without specific written permission of the Service Provider or other right holder. All rights reserved.

Selling or transmitting the Service to a third party without agreement with the Service Provider is strictly prohibited.

The User is obliged to reimburse the Service Provider for all costs and damages that result from claims presented against the Service Provider or its employee, if these requirements result from user’s violation of the Terms of Use in the Service, or user’s violation of rights of third parties.

6. Rights and obligations of the service provider

The Service Provider has the right to suspend, quit providing or modify the Service at any time with its discretion without prior notice.

The Service Provider has the right to terminate the User from the Service at any time without prior notice. If the registered user does not log in to the Service for 6 months, the Service Provider has the right to delete the user and all information, benefits and rewards achieved related to the user from the Service.

The Service Provider constantly strives to develop the Service and reserves the right at any time to make any changes to the Service.

7. Third Party Services and Materials

The Service may include links to websites and services that are controlled by third parties, and include information provided by third parties and / or owned material. The service may also allow to send material to thirdparty services. Use of websites, services and / or content hosted by third parties apply separate terms of use, licensing, and other terms that are available from those services. The Service provider cannot influence to those terms of use or other terms and therefore is not responsible for the use of these services for users or compliance with or enforcement of the Terms of Use. If the user has problems or issues related to services provided by third parties, we kindly ask the user to be primarily in direct contact to that service provider.

These Terms apply (primarily, unless separately prohibited) in addition to other software or hardware license terms that user must accept to use the Service. For example, the operating system or mobile application store user license is a such.

8. Data protection and security

The service provider processes the users’ personal data in the juro Service register in a manner permitted and binding by personal data law, in accordance with the description of the register of the Service Provider. The service provider is responsible for adequate means ensuring that the Services and users’ personal information and other information security is at an adequate level, and that users’ personal information as well as others adequate accuracy of the information can be ensured. The service provider uses various techniques to ensure the adequacy of security, and all the information systems used by the Service Provider are designed to provide users privacy. By default, nothing on the Servicestored information is not publicly available to outsiders. Nothing system connected to the internet however is not absolute secure. The user of the service is responsible for proper management of the security of their own information systems. The service user is also responsible for the equipment, connections and services required to use the Service and the acquisition and operation of the software and that they do not cause harm, interference or damage to the Service Provider or third parties.

By default, the service provider does not share any personal data to third parties. However, the information may be shared to third parties for the purpose of providing the service, as well as at the request or with the permissionof the user.

The service provider may share anonymised user information data to third parties from which an individual user cannot be identified.

9. User Generated Content for the Service

The user can, among other things, participate in the discussion forum on the Service chat, create reports, upload photos related to the Service itself, or videos or produce other material on the Service (“later “Contents”). All Usergenerated content may appear on the Service publicly, unless otherwise stated. The customer also has the right to take advantage of the user produced the content of the Service, among other things, on its own marketing. Theuser should not provide the Service with anything containing business secrets or otherwise content held confidential.

The user grants the Service Provider the right to edit, produce songs and publish or otherwise make available to the public and exploit for marketing purposes; or otherwise for commercial purposes, unaltered or altered, all the content that the user produces on the Service. That right is temporally, geographically and technically unlimited. However, the service provider does not have obligation to exercise those rights.

The User commits not to provide content violating the law or good manners otherwise inappropriate, offensive or defamatory content to the Service. The user also commits not to produce content on the Service that offends third parties’ rights such as copyright or other intellectual property rights. If the user submits images or videos to the Service, the user is obliged to ensure that the persons shown in the pictures or videos have given their consent to the pictures or videos said use. If the photographer is a third party, the user must also get the consent of the photographer. The user also agrees not to provide content for their own commercial purpose to the Service.

The User is responsible for the content provided to the Service and in particularly for ensuring that the content does not violate the rights of third parties. The service provider has the right not to publish or remove content thatviolates these terms or is otherwise illegal from the Service. The Service Provider may, when the user adds content that violates these Terms of the Service also have the right to hand over the user’s personal data in accordance with the law to competent authority. The user commits to compensate for any damage, which the Service Provider or a third party suffers as a result of user providing content that violates these Terms of the Service.

10. Warranty and Limitation of Liability

The Service Provider strives to ensure the correct operation of the Service, but does not guarantee the flawlessness of the Service, its suitability for a specific purpose nor uninterrupted and continuous operation. The Service provider is not responsible for the online service interruptions due to technical faults, maintenance or installation operations or change or disappearance in the information contained in the Service or in other information due to above, nor to data transmission problems due to third parties, disruptions or interruptions, unless mandatory legislation or service-specific terms originate else.

The Service Provider is not responsible for the activities of the customers, nor the Service customers who present their products or materials through the Service act for Service providers account. Each customer is responsible for their own marketing actions and materials.

All information contained in the Service is for informational purposes only, such information should not be construed as medical, legal, commercial, investment, etc. advice. The Service Provider is not responsible for the suitability of the information or materials presented to users or to other persons in the Service nor recommendations based on them or recommendations made by users, such as purchase, sale, investment or other decisions or actions leading to liability of compensate.

The service provider is not responsible for the customer’s products or services that the user can through the Service get to try, nor for potential damages that may result from trial.

The Service Provider does not compensate for indirect damages or damages caused by the use of the Service caused by force majeure to the Service Provider or to the customer. In the case of direct damage, the upper limit of compensation is 100 euros unless applicable law does not originate else.

The Service Provider is solely responsible for warranty issues related to the Service, but if the Service violates a warranty based on the law or unequivocally provided by the Service Provider, maythe user also has the right to be compensated by the operator of the mobile application store in accordance with the terms of use and warrantyfor that application store.

11. Other

Certain third parties (such as mobile application service providers, example Apple) has the right to independently monitor the fulfilment of these terms. User acknowledges and agrees that the Service is provided and maintainedby the Service Provider alone, nor the mobile application stores used to download the mobile application administrators are responsible for the content, operation, maintenance, or updates.

The agreement between the user and the Service Provider may be terminated with immediate effect, if the other party materially breaches the agreement. Despite the termination of the agreement, the holdings referred to in these terms shall remain effective on copyright, liability in communications and limitation of liability related regulations remain effective for as long as they are relevant.

The Service Provider may change these Terms without separate notice. Service provider informs users of the Service of any changes to these Terms simultaneously with the Service.

The user of the Service accepts the changes as binding by continuing to use the Service or by explicit approval. The User must stop using the Service, if he does not accept the changed Terms. Because the Service Provider may from time to time to make changes to the Terms, users of the Service must review them regularly To detect changes in conditions.

The Service, these Terms and other rules relating to the Service apply Finnish law, with the exception of its conflict-of-law provisions. To these Terms based on or within the scope of the Services, the Service-Specific Terms, privacy statement and any other agreement regarding the service disputes shall be settled primarily between the Contracting Parties negotiations. If this is not successful, disputes will be resolved in the first instance in Helsinki in the district court if the parties fail to reach an amicable settlement and unless the mandatory consumer law else follows. The consumer customer also has the right to request a dispute Recommendation of the Consumer Disputes Board.

Important notice! Apple or any other service provider of the application stores used for downloading the mobile application are not sponsors or responsible for the contents, operation, maintenance or updating of the Service’s mobile applications.

12. Contact information

All inquiries regarding the Service should be made primarily with the following contact information with:

Juro sharing infra oy, (3089337-2)
Contact person: Jussi Roito
E-mail: Jurobikes@icloud.com