Three e-scooter providers in one app

Using e-scooters with Whim is so convenient

Have you ever explored your city with an e-scooter? With the Whim app, you can use e-scooters from 3 different service providers: Lime, TIER, and Voi. Use the ingenious e-scooters from Lime, TIER, or VOI – not only do they get you to the office, university, or your favorite café quickly, but above all, they are really fun.

In Whim you can book e-scooters from Lime, TIER and Voi

  • Lime in Basel, Frauenfeld, Winterthur, and Zurich
  • TIER in Basel, Bern, Cham, Frauenfeld, Muri near Bern, Opfikon, Rotkreuz, St. Gallen, Winterthur, Zug, and Zurich
  • and Voi in Basel, Bern, Frauenfeld, Wetzikon, Winterthur, and Zurich



  • Activation fee: CHF 1.00
  • The minute fee is dynamic and you can see it in the app 


  • Activation fee: CHF 1.00
  • Price per minute: CHF 0.40


  • Activation fee: CHF 1.00
  • Price per minute: CHF 0.39


  • Basel (Lime, TIER, Voi)
  • Bern (TIER, Voi)
  • Cham (TIER)
  • Frauenfeld (Lime, TIER, Voi)
  • Muri near Bern (TIER)
  • Opfikon (TIER)
  • Rotkreuz (TIER)
  • St. Gallen (TIER)
  • Wetzikon (Voi)
  • Winterthur (Lime, TIER, Voi)
  • Zug (TIER)
  • Zurich (Lime, TIER, Voi)

Did you know that you can also book public transport tickets for the whole of Switzerland?

How to book your e-scooter in Whim

  • To use e-scooters in Whim, select the “Scooters” icon from the home screen and check the available e-scooters on the map.
  • Select the scooter closest to your location and tap to unlock the scooter. You can also book the e-scooter by simply scanning the QR code.
  • Once the e-scooter is unlocked, the lights will turn on and you can start your ride!

Learn more about how to use the different e-scooters:

Why use an e-scooter with Whim?

  • The Whim app is a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution that combines multiple different modes of transport into a single application, without any additional expenses for the users.
  • In Switzerland, you can use a single app to manage and pay for your trips with public transport and e-scooters.
  • Everything you need to ride an e-scooter can be done with Whim. The app allows you to check all other options for your mobility, conveniently in a single place.
  • Our app works internationally and we are constantly expanding to new cities, so you can use Whim when traveling.

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