Across Switzerland with Whim

Use public transport nationwide & TIER or Voi e-scooters in 10 cities

Your daily trips just became more convenient: With the award-winning app Whim, you can buy tickets for all public transport in Switzerland and also have access to hundreds of TIER and/or Voi e-scooters in 10 different cities. All this, with just one app.

Ride an e-scooter through your city, ride the train through the whole country!

Switzerland’s public transport network is one of the best in the world, and with the Whim mobility app, you can now conveniently buy tickets for buses, trams, trains, ferries, and more for all Swiss regions.

In Whim you can choose between single trips, return trips, day tickets or saver tickets for 1st or 2nd class. In addition, you save on every trip with your Half Fare Travelcard. Whether it’s a spontaneous trip or a long-awaited weekend getaway: Buy your public transport ticket up to 60 days in advance.

First and last mile with the e-scooter

Currently, e-scooters from TIER and Voi are available in ten cities across Switzerland. This makes it easy for Whim users to get from A to B faster and without traffic jams and to optimize their first and last mile – be it from home to the next bus station or from the office to the train station.

With Whim, you can use e-scooters in the following cities:

  • Basel (TIER, Voi)
  • Bern (TIER, Voi)
  • Cham (TIER)
  • Muri near Bern (TIER)
  • Opfikon (TIER)
  • Rotkreuz (TIER)
  • St. Gallen (TIER)
  • Winterthur (TIER, Voi)
  • Zug (TIER)
  • Zurich (TIER, Voi)

More info on how to book e-scooters from TIER or Voi in the Whim app.

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What is Whim?

Whim is an award-winning mobility app that makes moving around easy and sustainable. With Whim, you can find various transport modes and plan, book and pay for your trips directly in the same app. Say goodbye to multiple apps, cards and cash! More than 20 million trips have already been made with Whim – join us!