The EU Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) came into effect 1.1.2021. It applies to all digital payment methods and what it means is that all mobile and online payments may require something called “Strong Customer Authentication”. In practice, this often means that payments will need to be verified with your bank’s online banking- or code app. The specific steps, however, depend on your bank or card issuer.

In order to protect users from fraud, phishing, and unauthorized money transactions, this adds an extra level of authorization to electronic payment procedures. For Whim customers, this means your mobile and online payments will be even more secure.

With automatic subscription renewals, we highly recommend you to check that your subscription renewal succeeded, and your 30-day HSL ticket is working normally, before using any public transportation. Failure to renew your Whim subscription because of the possibly required strong customer authentication will result in you being moved to our pay as you go option.

If your subscription renewal fails and you are automatically dropped with no plan, kindly resubscribe to your Whim subscription plan – Urban 30, Weekend or Unlimited. Go to Profile > My plan > Change > select the Whim Subscription plan > follow the instructions that follow, including strong customer authentication.

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