How you can improve your customers’ daily lives

Users are in the center of everything we do and want to achieve. They are the ones who in the end choose to start using a MaaS service to enhance their own daily lives and to live a more sustainable lifestyle. On this page you find some key points why customers are willing to adopt MaaS as their main mobility option.

The reasons to start using MaaS differs from individual to individual but the main thing is that they are ready to make the choice. MaaS directly answers some critical needs such as instant access to various services through a single app and the ability to customise your own mobility experience. At the same time it tackles global concerns like increasing carbon emissions and congestion. By having this solution you can not only increase your revenues by offering modern solutions but also affect the daily lives of countless people. In the words of our CEO Sampo Hietanen, the originator of the concept of Mobility-as-a-Service:

It takes a village to replace 1 million cars on the road with more sustainable trips. We are looking for partners whose involvement will transform the sustainable mobility ecosystem into a powerful force.

Sampo Hietanen, CEO, MaaS Global

Benefits for the end users of MaaS solutions

The ability and motivation to make a measured impact on sustainability

A positive impact on the user’s health by an increase in walking and cycling more

The opportunity to learn from valuable insights on mobility behaviour and more accurate carbon footprint data

Access to all transport modes  through a state-of-the-art service

The ability to affect mobility spend by using cheaper modes and comparing prices of multiple service providers

Being an active part of pioneering a significant change in mobility that will change how we consume, move and live.

See below how this new mobility solution has a positive impact on Anna’s life

She’s a manager in a growing company who changes from a leasing car to a greener carbon budget solution.

So waste no time and contact us now to hear how we can help you to make most out of these new opportunities.