You get all of this

Car rentals for any weekend from Friday to Monday, a 15% discount on all taxi rides, a 30-day HSL ticket and unlimited 30-minute rides with city bikes.

A summer car for the weekend

Your summer car is here! Take some wheels for the weekend to go to your summer cabin, music festivals, or simply to hit the road and drive into the sunset. Get your rental car (Ford Fiesta or similar) easily with Whim. You can pick up your car on Friday at 15:00, and return it the following Monday by 14:00.

We have a good selection of cars for you. However, availability of cars is subject to our rental suppliers’ availability. You can always check it in the app.

Our Whim Weekend plan includes unlimited kilometres and a second driver.

Economy weekend rental car
Any weekend Fri 15:00 to Mon 14:00, Ford Fiesta or equivalent. Car rentals that cover any time outside of this period will be charged for the full duration of the rental period (€49/day).
Car class upgrade 1
Ford focus or similar
Car class upgrade 2
Mercedes A-class or similar
A car on another day
Availability visible in the app

15% discount on all taxi rides

Grab a cab at an affordable price! Get to your meeting on time or simply get home safely after a night out. With Whim Weekend, all your taxi rides in the wider Helsinki area get a 15% discount.

15% discount on taxi rides
The 15% discount applies regardless of the kilometers travelled.

30-day HSL ticket

Whim Weekend includes a 30-day HSL ticket on your mobile phone. You don’t need a separate travel card, or to buy individual tickets. If you’ve got a valid Whim Weekend plan and your mobile with you, you’re good.

Whim Weekend is valid on the same public transport services as your familiar HSL ticket: buses, metro, ferry, and commuter trains in the HSL area. To use Whim Weekend, you will need to be eligible for an HSL 30-day ticket.

Not sure which HSL zone is the right one for you? Find more information about the new HSL zones here.

30-day HSL ticket
Unlimited travel in the HSL AB area
/30 days
Unlimited travel in the HSL BC area
/30 days
Unlimited travel in the HSL CD area
/30 days
Unlimited travel in the HSL ABC area
/30 days
Unlimited travel in the HSL BCD area
/30 days
Unlimited travel in the HSL ABCD area
/30 days

Unlimited 30-minute city bike rides

With Whim Weekend, you can use city bikes in the Helsinki and Espoo region any time you like for up to 30 minutes per ride. You can see stations and available bikes on the Whim map; just find a bike station, and use your personal code to unlock the bikes.

If you want to cycle longer than half an hour, the usual fee (€1/30 min, max 5 h) will be charged for the extra time.

City bike hire
30 min
City bike hire over 30 minutes
Max 5 h
+€1 / 30 min