You get all of this

A 30-day HSL ticket, unlimited 30-minute trips with city bikes, unprecedented flexibility and comfort of €10 taxis, affordable rental cars and access to TIER e-scooters.

30-day HSL ticket

Whim Urban 30 includes a 30-day HSL ticket on your mobile phone. You don’t need a separate travel card, or to buy individual tickets. If you’ve got a valid Whim Urban 30 plan and your mobile with you, you’re good.

Whim Urban 30 is valid on the same public transport services as your familiar HSL ticket: buses, Metro, ferry, and commuter trains in the HSL area. To use Whim Urban 30, you will need to be eligible for an HSL 30-day ticket.

Unlimited travel in the HSL AB area
/30 days
Unlimited travel in the HSL BC area
/30 days
Unlimited travel in the HSL ABC area
/30 days
Unlimited travel in the HSL CD area
/30 days
Unlimited travel in the HSL BCD area
/30 days
Unlimited travel in the HSL ABCD area
/30 days

Unlimited 30-minute city bike rides

With Whim Urban 30, you can use city bikes in the Helsinki and Espoo region any time you like for up to 30 minutes per ride. You can see stations and available bikes on the Whim map; just find a bike station, and use your personal code to unlock the bikes.

If you want to cycle longer than half an hour, the usual fee (€1/30 min, max 5 h) will be charged for the extra time.

City bike hire
30 min
City bike hire over 30 minutes
Max 5 h
+€1 / 30 min

€10 taxi rides

You can travel by taxi and no matter what the meter shows, you pay a maximum of €10 as long as your journey doesn’t exceed radius of 5 km.

From what we’ve calculated, most people in and around the capital live less than 5 km from a convenient public transport route, so this is a smooth way to connect over longer commutes and leave your car behind.

Naturally, we want to make sure you get to your meetings on time or have a safe journey home after an evening out at a restaurant.

For journeys over radius of 5 km you’ll pay the normal taxi fare. But it won’t be a surprise – Whim gives you a cost estimate beforehand when ordering the taxi.

5 km taxi rides
Max €10
Longer taxi rides
Regular meter price

Escape to the country by car for €49/day

If you only occasionally need a car of your own – the odd visit to a summer cottage or shopping center – Whim Urban 30 offers the simplest way of renting one. Using the app, you can hire a car (a Ford Fiesta or equivalent) with no need to trawl endlessly through car rental sites.

With Whim Urban 30 a day’s rental is just €49. Best of all, the deal even includes unlimited kilometres.

Economy car
according to availabilty
Any car
Standard pricing


Feel the city from an urban angle and hop on an electric TIER scooter!
The most convenient way to hit the city streets ride or ride the last leg of your journey is on a TIER e-scooter – obviously ‘on a Whim!’ Find, book, pay and ride your scoot simply on your Whim app. As a Whim customer you only pay standard TIER pricing for your scooter-rides.

Standard pricing