You get all this

Choose daily whether you’ll go for unlimited taxi rides up to 5 km, or rent a car. Of course you’ll also have unlimited use of HSL public transport such as buses, metro, tram, and local trains, and as many 30-minute city bike rides you like.

Have a car without owning one

Instead of dealing with the hassle of ownership, you simply have a car available when you need one (Ford Fiesta or similar). Need something bigger? Upgrade the car category for an additional daily price, for a day or over the weekend. Unlimited kilometres included.

Our new pilot also brings ALD Car Sharing to Whim. Cars can be picked up from EuroPark’s P-CityForum parking hall. The first 2 hours each day are included in your Unlimited subscription. Rides over 2 hours are charged per 30 minutes (€5/30 mins, up to €89/day). Fuel is included.

Registering for car sharing is simple in Whim – just send photos of both sides of your driver’s license in the app’s Help center.

Rental Car
1-30 days
ALD Car Share
2 hours
ALD Car Share
over 2 hours
/30 min

Unlimited 5 km taxi rides

We want to make public transportation available for everyone. That’s why we’ve included all taxi rides in a five-kilometre radius (excluding the days when you have a rental car). Cheap taxi rides easily get you from home or work to the nearest train or metro station in a way that’s fast, comfortable, and still a better choice for the planet.

For journeys of over 5 km you’ll pay the normal taxi fare. But it won’t be a surprise – Whim gives you a cost estimate beforehand when ordering the taxi.

5 km taxi rides
Taxi rides over 5 km
Standard taxi pricing

Unlimited HSL single tickets

Whim Unlimited includes an unlimited number of HSL single tickets. You will be able to travel by bus, metro, tram, ferry, and local trains in the HSL area.

If you live in Espoo or Vantaa, you can order a regional version for an additional €50, or an Extended Region 2 or 3 for €100.

Unlimited HSL Internal tickets
Valid in Helsinki, Espoo and Kauniainen, or Vantaa
HSL Regional
Valid in HSL Regional region.
HSL Region 3
Valid in HSL Regional 3 region

Unlimited 30-minute city bike rides

With Whim Unlimited, you can use city bikes in the Helsinki and Espoo region any time you like for up to 30 minutes per ride. You can see stations and available bikes on the Whim map; just find a bike station, and use your personal code to unlock the bikes.

If you want to cycle longer than half an hour, the usual fee (€1/30 min, max 5 h) will be charged for the extra time.

City bike rides up to 30 min
City bike rides over 30 min
Max 5 h
/30 min