ALD Automotive and MaaS Global have agreed on a pilot project that will expand the travel options for the mobility app Whim with high-quality share car fleet in Helsinki.

Reserving and unlocking the shared cars is done through the Whim app, making the use of the cars easier and allowing a 24/7 access to them.

The Whim app launched by MaaS Global in 2016 combines different methods of transportation into a single, seamless experience. The app finds the best routes and transportation for any trip, using a combination of taxis, public transportation, rental cars, or city bikes. At the end of the summer, the users are expected to gain access to shared cars as well.

The cars provided by ALD Automotive will first be available to Whim Unlimited users only, but the current plan is to extend the service to other Whim users at a later phase.

In the beginning, there will be five different car models available (VW Golf Variant, Nissan Note, Skoda Fabia Combi, Toyota Auris Touring Sport, and Lexus CT 200h), branded with the logos of both Whim and ALD Automotive.

Picking up and returning the cars can be done 24/7 at EuroPark parking halls, which can also be used for free parking during the use of the car. The cars are locked and unlocked through the Whim app, so the user can take a car into use at any time. Fuel is included in the price and refueling can be done at Neste stations using the fuel card found inside the car. The time spent refueling will be refunded as if it was 30 minutes of car use.

Rates: First 2 hours 22 €, afterwards 5 € per 30 minutes, for a maximum of 89 € per day.

– One of the values of our company is continuous development, and we have set an ambitious goal for ourselves: to be the best partner for mobility needs. With this as the starting point, partnering with MaaS Global was an interesting opportunity for ALD Automotive. We have high expectations for the partnership, especially for what we can learn from each other about developing and promoting mobility services, says Päivi Lindqvist, Business Development Team Manager, ALD Automotive.

– ALD Automotive has shown their innovative approach by becoming a part of the new mobility solutions, so they are a great partner for us. ALD Automotive’s presence in many countries will help us expand the service to more cities – both in Finland and abroad. Through this co-operation, our customers will get a true alternative for owning a car. The customers will gain access to a car without any of the responsibilities of car ownership, and this freedom has been one of the most important goals of MaaS Global, says Jarkko Jaakkola, Area Manager, MaaS Global.

Whim is a new kind of a mobility app developed by the Helsinki-based growth company MaaS Global. MaaS Global, founded in 2015, is the world’s first Mobility as a Service company.

Additional information:

Veera Aalto
Communications coordinator, MaaS Global
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