City bikes have become an essential part of the traffic in the capital area. Bike use is replacing car use, and a considerable part of the city bike trips in Helsinki have been made through the Whim mobile app during the summer months 2018.

As a MaaS service pioneer, Whim offers an alternative to owning a car. The service includes public transport, taxis, city bikes, rental cars, and in the future, shared cars. Strikingly popular city bikes have been included in the Whim service since April 2018.

– We’re glad to see how willingly our users have been using the bikes. The popularity of the city bikes has been a very pleasant surprise for us. We’ve also noticed that they have replaced other forms of transport, especially on short trips. This has a noticeable effect for the whole society when we look at – for example – the decreasing pollution and the health benefits from increased exercise, says Jarkko Jaakkola, Country Manager of MaaS Global, the company behind the Whim mobile app.

The city bike service offered by Helsinki City Transport HKL has increased its popularity each year. On weekdays, people make over 20 000 city bike trips per day in Helsinki. This season has already seen over 48 000 registered users, while the previous year saw approximately 34 000 registered users. This year, the city bikes were taken into use also in city of Espoo area, and next year, the service in Helsinki will expand into the east and north with 88 new stations and 880 new bikes.

The Whim service demonstrates that the city bike is a worthy alternative both to other public transport methods and owning a car.

– For the society, it’s important that mobility services develop into diverse offerings that make a life without a car feel tempting. It is really nice that the city bike service interests Whim users on such a large scale. Comprehensive MaaS services are good for the city, and we’ve been eager to allow the connecting of the city bikes to the service, says Ville Lehmuskoski, Managing Director of Helsinki City Transport.