The world’s first MaaS operator commits to replace one million cars by 2030

By MaaS Global • September 22, 2020

MaaS Global, the world’s first MaaS operator, is now carbon neutral. The company has calculated its carbon footprint and offset CO2 emissions from not only its operations but also from customers trips made by using the company’s award-winning Whim app.

– We are happy to announce that you can now take carbon neutral trips by traveling withWhim. On our path to sustainable freedom of mobility we must “avoid, reduce”, and for now, also “compensate”. We aren’t yet able to avoid CO2 emissions entirely, and​​ for this reason we have offset our full carbon footprint for 2019 as the first MaaS operator.We will also do this for 2020 and for the coming years, says Krista Huhtala-Jenks, Head of Ecosystem and Sustainability at Maas Global.

– As we do not have our own means of transportation, we are working closely with our partners to increase the green and emission-free service​​offering for Whim users. At the same time, we want to challenge the entire industry to develop carbon-free movement, she continues.

Global sustainability initiative to replace one million cars

To mark the World Car Free Day, MaaS Global has launched a global sustainability initiative. The company is today committing to replace 1 million private cars with Whim subscriptions by 2030.

– Transport is the only sector that hasn’t been able to cut its emissions below the 1990values. At the moment, one quarter of global emissions come from transport. If nothing changes, a whopping 40 % of global CO2 emissions will come from transport by 2030, says Huhtala-Jenks.

– Our dream is a world where you don’t need to own a car to lead a happy and hassle-free life. We want to help cities so that they wouldn’t have to make policies to restrict cars because there would be better alternatives available. We call this alternative sustainable freedom of mobility. For this reason Whim exists. But in order to succeed, we need help. We have created a global sustainability initiative to get commitment from the MaaS industry, as well as from people, to find better alternatives to private car ownership, Huhtala-Jenks continues.

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