Taksi Helsinki and Finnish Whim mobility app to revolutionise Helsinki transport scene

By MaaS Global • May 19, 2017

Finland’s largest taxi dispatch company Taksi Helsinki and mobility as a service operator MaaS Global Oy have agreed to start co-operating. This will make Taksi Helsinki’s fleet of 1300 cars available through MaaS Global’s Whim mobility app.

Whim is a revolutionary mobility app, which enables easy and safe travel on a wide variety of transport options. With Whim, ordering, paying and travelling by taxi, public transport and rental cars are all available through a single app. The largest taxi dispatch company in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Taksi Helsinki, has started co-operation with the developer of the Whim service, Finnish growth company MaaS Global. The taxi industry pioneer saw the partnership as a natural step forward, as transport is gradually moving into the digital realm.

”Taksi Helsinki wants to be at the forefront of this development. Taksi Helsinki is MaaS compatible and our modern technology enabled an effective implementation. To our clients the co-operation with MaaS Global means access to reliable and first-class taxi services at a very short notice,” says Lauri Suokannas, Head of Business Development at Taksi Helsinki.

MaaS (short for Mobility as a Service) means seamlessly combining mobility services to improve the customer experience and offer mobility as a comprehensive, all-inclusive service. The Whim app, based on the MaaS concept and currently in test use in the Helsinki metropolitan area, will be launched to the general public in the coming months. The service will be available on a monthly subscription basis or by purchasing single tickets or trips. Taxi services have been crucial to the development of the service from the very start.

”Whim wants to offer a concrete alternative to owning a car in the Helsinki metropolitan area, so taxis are an essential part of our service,” MaaS Global’s CEO and Founder Sampo Hietanen explains. ”Taksi Helsinki has proved a sincere, efficient and technologically advanced partner who is easy to work with. We’ve had our expectations consistently exceeded while testing the services of Taksi Helsinki.”

Taksi Helsinki and MaaS Global want to offer their customers reliable and high-quality taxi services at a short notice. Ease of use is another key feature. Whim shows the customer valuable information, such as the taxi’s estimated time of arrival, number and location on the map. As the journey is paid through the Whim app, all the customer needs to do upon arrival is get out of the car. For Taksi Helsinki, the most important goal is to ensure that the company provides a convenient customer experience every day and at any time. Speed and ease of use mean effortless ordering, reliability and quality assurance on every passenger journey. Through proactive quality control and continuous development Taksi Helsinki wants to guarantee an excellent service level now and in the future. The freshly cemented co-operation helps them reach this goal.