MaaS Global hits €1M in monthly recurring revenue

By MaaS Global • July 1, 2022
MG one million

In May, MaaS Global hit €1M in monthly recurring revenue (MRR) for the first time. As Covid-19 restrictions are being lifted and life is returning back to normal, more opportunities open for MaaS players. The pandemic and remote work have changed people’s travel habits for good, and they are looking for new routes and modes of transport. We at MaaS Global have been ready to respond to the changed travel habits by developing new products and service bundles, and these have been received well by our customers.

“MaaS will be a successful reality when, and only when, people vote with their wallets. It’s not about technology or legislation or industry collaboration – although they are key enablers needed for MaaS to live up to its potential. But the proof is in solving for user needs. We need to earn the right to be the mobility solution for our customers every day. That’s why I’m so excited and proud about the great work of our teams across three different continents that have served our customers well enough to hit a major milestone of €1M. I’m also deeply grateful to our partners in the markets we operate for leaning into creating a better customer experience and accelerating the shift to more sustainable transport with us,” says MaaS Global Chief Operating Officer, Robert From.

Offering people more choices on how they can move about can change the ecological and economical aspect of mobility in a big way. MaaS Global wants to offer a better, more sustainable alternative to a private car in all markets. We recently acquired a Brazilian mobility player Quicko and are now live in multiple markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

“For us, it’s impossible to talk about mobility without considering the different social and economic landscapes in each country. In order to transform the whole mobility industry, we need a huge shift in how mobility is seen. Until now, mobility has been built on the terms of the system, but we believe mobility solutions should be built based on people’s terms, on what they want and need. We believe that change will happen when people are offered better alternatives that suit their needs and have a positive impact on their daily life,” says Lucas Andreis, Head of Growth.

MaaS has great potential in creating more business and having a positive impact on the whole economy. 20 % of the household budget is spent on transport, and global passenger transport spend is expected to grow to €8tn by 2030. It is essential to continue to the consumer’s wishes on what they need to move around and offer them solutions that serve them in their everyday lives.