Lime e-scooters available on Whim in Switzerland

By MaaS Global • August 22, 2022

Electric vehicle company Lime and mobility app Whim’s collaboration expands to yet another country. Earlier this summer the e-scooters were launched on Whim first in Antwerp and Brussels, Belgium and next in Helsinki, Finland. Now all Lime e-scooters on the streets of Zurich, Winterthur and Basel can be found on Whim. In addition to two other e-scooter providers in more than ten cities, Whim offers the ability to plan, book and pay for trips with multiple other modes of transportation.

Whim has been live in Switzerland since June 2021, and the addition of Lime e-scooters to the app in Switzerland is yet another great step for developing MaaS services further in Europe. Users in Switzerland have embraced the use of the compact vehicles, and they are used more than several other micromobility options.* Whim’s mission is to offer a better alternative to a private car by combining the planning, booking and paying of mobility options under one app, and 12.5 % of Whim users say the app has helped them either avoid buying a new car or get rid of one**. Reducing the amount of private cars has a great positive impact on the carbon emissions caused by road traffic, and with Lime’s help Whim can continue its work towards a more sustainable mobility.

“Our first priority is the users, and we are proud we can help them move around easier. E-scooters are an excellent way to solve the first/last mile problem as well as a step towards more sustainable mobility. Providing Lime e-scooters through our app, our users can combine them with other modes of mobility and plan, book and pay for their whole travel chain in one,” says Jean-Michel Henchoz, MaaS Global’s Head Swiss market.


*Who uses shared micro-mobility services? Empirical evidence from Zurich, Switzerland

**Whim Car Ownership Survey