Lähitaksi bringing their taxis as part of Whim –offering

By MaaS Global • August 8, 2016

The world’s first mobility operator MaaS Global Ltd. and Finnish taxi dispatching company Lähitaksi Ltd. has started cooperation. Lähitaksi will bring its over 1000 taxis as part of service offering for MaaS Global’s new all-inclusive daily travel service Whim. Area will consist of 17 cities surrounding Helsinki which will make Lähitaksi Ltd. one of the taxi pioneers in MaaS sector.

Finnish Lähitaksi Ltd. will become one of the mobility as a service (MaaS) forerunners by building seamless taxi integration as part of Whim service offering. MaaS means instant access to every kind of transport – from brand new cars to taxis, buses, trains and bike share – by taking care of virtually everything, from ticketing, payments and finding the best way to get there.

Whim app is now in test use in Helsinki and has promised to change urban travel forever. Whim gives people an instant access to different mix of transport services based on monthly subscription and has big aims to become “the Spotify of transportation”. Besides that, Whim offers also opportunity to buy transport on pay-as-you-go bases and for example taxis or public transport ticket can be ordered with one click.

“Lähitaksi has proved to be the best possible partner to build something new and this makes them forerunners in transport digitalization – not only in Finland but around the world” says Sampo Hietanen, CEO and Founder of MaaS Global. ”Lähitaksi is the first true MaaS taxi stakeholder as they’ve had the courage straight from the beginning to implement interfaces to build new MaaS ecosystem.”

CEO of Lähitaksi Ltd. Juha Pentikäinen says that Lähitaksi has been actively developing its taxi services in Greater Helsinki and Uusimaa region for over 50 years. Company belongs to the pioneers in its field in digitization their systems.
“We are naturally and enthusiastically involved in developing new transport service models and now bootable Whim –mobility application is the global pioneer. Our versatile taxi equipment is ideally suitable to be part of the new service model that uses all transport modes efficiently”, states Juha Pentikäinen.

Lähitaksi is the first official taxi stakeholder as part of Whim service offering. Whim app will be launched first in Finland and company is aiming for fast international growth. MaaS Global is actively discussing with several services providers in different countries and will launch MaaS offering also in two other areas this year.

More information about Lähitaksi:
Juha Pentikäinen, CEO, Lähitaksi Ltd.
Tel. +358 40 865 0988
E-mail: juha.pentikainen@lahitaksi.fi

More information about MaaS Global and Whim app:
Sampo Hietanen, CEO and Founder, MaaS Global Ltd.
Tel: +358 40 565 7688
E-mail: sampo.hietanen@maas.fi
www.maas.global and www.whimapp.com