“Commuter benefits keep getting better” –Whim and Edenred partner up for workplace travel benefits

By MaaS Global • December 12, 2019

Edenred Finland and developer of the Whim mobility app, MaaS Global, have entered into a partnership to allow Whim users to pay for their subscription using their Edenred Työmatka card.

According to Heikki Pirnes, Partner Manager at Edenred, the demand for work benefits on the daily commute is growing rapidly. Workplace travel is one of many employment benefits an employer can offer to employees, supporting those workers using public transport.

“Employee benefits are a way for employers to set themselves apart. We can see that employers are shifting away from leasing company cars, and towards more sustainable modes of transport. A commuting benefit is more current: it’s a modern, environmentally friendly way to support workers that can also bring cost savings,” says Pirnes.

One reason for the commuter benefit’s popularity is its simplicity. The Edenred Työmatka card is an accepted mode of payment in the Whim app. Cardholders simply pay with the Työmatka card to get their benefits.

“With Whim, we really get the best of commuting. Whim combines all the different modes of transportation, from buses to city bikes, in one application. And whether the employee wants a season pass or one-time tickets, it’s all supported in the app,” explains Pirnes.

A subscription with a Whim season ticket (under the plan Whim Urban 30) is the same price as an HSL season ticket, but includes use of city bikes during the city bike season. In addition, Whim subscribers have access to affordable taxi rides and car rentals. These cannot be paid for with the Työmatka card, but the app supports multiple payment cards.

“Our customers have been really keen to see Whim work with their company benefits. We are delighted to be able to offer our customers this new payment option through partnering with Edenred,” comments Jarkko Jaakkola, Country Manager at MaaS Global.

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