The Finnish growth company MaaS Global Ltd. , which is currently piloting its Whim mobility app in Helsinki region, is expanging its operations to yet another new market. Besides conducting advanced staged negotiations in Greater Toronto, Canada, the company has now been invited to explore opportunities in the South Korean capital, Seoul.

MaaS revolutionises daily mobility

The father of the MaaS (Mobility as a Service) concept is Sampo Hietanen, the CEO and Founder of MaaS Global. The core idea behind MaaS is to fulfil people’s daily mobility needs with a single service by giving its users access to a huge range of mobility options, from brand new cars to taxis, rental cars, trains, buses and bike share. The MaaS-based Whim app will revolutionise daily mobility with its all-in service by offering people a monthly mobility subscription, or pay-as-you-go to test the service. App also takes care of planning the routes and tickets in the background.

Hietanen sees MaaS as a winner for both users and service providers: “MaaS gives people much more choice and freedom than owning a car, while being at least equally convenient. For service providers, it’s a unique chance to offer better and more flexible mobility services and get more customers as a result.”

A growing global demand

No wonder that the word is getting out on MaaS. In fact, MaaS Global is heading out to Asia following an invitation by the South Korean traffic systems provider LG CNS. The two companies have signed a LOI (Letter of Intent) to consider the best ways to roll out the MaaS concept in Seoul. LG CNS has researched and developed solutions for enhancing urban mobility in the South Korean capital for over 10 years. Such solutions include the electronic ticketing system for public transport in Seoul.

Kaj Pyyhtiä, the Chief Experience Officer and Co-founder of MaaS Global, sees great potential in the Asian market: “It has been amazing to witness the growing global demand for MaaS: people all over the world are genuinely excited by our solution. Seoul has over 12 million inhabitants and it’s ready for MaaS in terms of technology, too. I hope that, together with LG CNS, we will transform the city’s mobility market as soon as possible.”

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