MaaS Global

The company behind Whim

MaaS is short for Mobility as a Service, and it’s bringing all your means of travel to one easy place. MaaS Global is the world’s first true MaaS operator, and with our award-winning Whim app we’re set to make the biggest change in transport since cars became widely affordable.

Whim, the first all-inclusive MaaS solution commercially available in the world, gives its users all city transport services in one app, letting them journey where and when they want with public transport, taxis, bikes, cars, and other options, all under a single subscription.

Whim is live in Helsinki, Birmingham, Antwerp, and is coming to Japan soon!

Kashiwa-no-ha Pilot

Together with partner and investor Mitsui Fudosan, Whim is part of the Urban Development x MaaS project to create a MaaS example city for the residents of Kashiwa-no-ha.

The project includes transport operators covering car sharing, bike sharing, taxi, and bus. In addition to just integrating the search, booking and payment functions of various transport modes, MaaS Global and Mitsui Fudosan are committed to integrate mobility services with real estate, city events and other travel destinations to provide a seamless mobility experience.

In collaboration with various partners, including Kashiwa-no-ha Urban Design Center (UDCK), the aim is to kick off the project in December and develop a monthly subscription in the months after.