Join the Whim revolution

Are you ready to revolutionise the way people travel every single day? We want you to join this revolution.

MaaS Global Office Photo

We have already managed to make an entrance into the lives of urbanites in Helsinki, Birmingham and Antwerp and we are now ready to take our revolution to other parts of the world. To succeed in this mission, our revolution needs its doers. The best professionals who are passionate about creating change in the mobility sector – and who do it with a friendly sparkle in their eye.


Why join Whim?

Senior iOS Developer - Martin Conklin

At MaaS Global we have competent people who are easy and fun to work with. MaaS Global is a well-managed company with a trust towards each employee.


Communications Coordinator - Veera Aalto

With MaaS Global you'll get to do business by making world a better place! Green values have always been important value for MaaS Global - with Whim you'll get to work towards a better world.


Quality Manager - Antonio Diaz

One of the best things working at MaaS Global is the international and dynamic atmosphere. MaaS Global is expanding their operations so there is always more to come!