For all HSL 30-day ticket holders who haven’t been able to use public transport due to COVID-19 restrictions, Whim is offering the Urban 30 plan for half price when the restrictions are over.

The Urban 30 plan includes a HSL 30-day ticket (e.g. AB zone 30 days for €29,95). In addition you’ll get €10 taxis (max 5km/trip), unlimited city bike trips (max 30 min/trip) and rental cars from €49/day).

Smoother transition back to normal life

  • Registration doesn’t affect other possible compensations
  • No commitment, no obligation to purchase
  • Discontinue subscription at any time
  • Convenient online process
  • You will receive the discount straight to the Whim app account
  • Use the discount whenever it is most suitable for you, between 14.5.-31.12.2020

How to get it:

1. If you have, for the time period 16.3. – 13.4.2020, an HSL 30-day ticket with unused days on it, and you want to get your next period at half off, register with your email address.

2. Download the Whim app and register with your phone number, then add the email you previously provided to your apps profile information. This way we can supply the discount to your usage. Please include your card’s payment information as well.

3.The discount will be waiting on your profile the next time you want to buy a 30-day ticket. You can choose to use the discount at any point during 2020.

Whim Urban 30 discounts and benefits

  • Includes a HSL 30-day ticket.
  • Unlimited use of city bikes (30 minutes per single ride).
  • Great discounts on taxis – any ride up to 5 km is a maximum of €10. Our taxi company partners are Menevä, Lähitaksi, TaksiHelsinki, and Kajon.
  • Rental cars from €49 / day.
  • Hop on TIER electric scooters through your Whim app (at the standard prices).

* We reserve the right to change product names as well as contents during the campaign period of validity (14.5. – 31.12.2020). The discount in any case will give the user the right to a 50% discount on the value of a HSL 30-day ticket for one 30-day period.

-50% off from Urban 30 campaign terms and conditions

Terms & conditions of the campaign

Participants in the Campaign undertake to comply with the Campaign terms and pricing as well as Whim terms and conditions. MaaS Global Oy has the right to exclude a participant from the Campaign if they have acted in violation of any of the Campaign terms and conditions or Whim terms and conditions or otherwise unlawfully.


The campaign is organized by MaaS Global Oy, registered address at John Stenbergin ranta 2, 00530 Helsinki, business-ID: 2685777-4.

Campaign pricing, terms and conditions

During the campaign period MaaS Global offers to its new customers one Whim Urban 30 subscription period (30 days)

During the campaign, MaaS Global Oy will offer one of its customers a Whim Urban 30 season subscription for one 30-day billing period at half price (includes optional HSL 30-day zone ticket eg AB zone for 29.95 / ABC zone for 48.35 € / CD- € 38.80).

The campaign is active in Finland during the campaign period of 26.3.-13.4.2020.

To participate, register your email on the campaign landing page by April 13, 2020 at

User can apply 50% off 14.5. – Dec 31, 2020 to the 30 day billing period of your choice. Registering with email for the campaign doesn’t require a purchase. Discount is personal and can be used only once.

The aim of the campaign is to help those consumers whose HSL 30 day season ticket or Whim Urban 30 subscription usage went unused due to the coronavirus. Campaign offer is not valid for users who have active Whim Urban 30 subscription from April 17th or after.

The value of the campaign  varies depending on the value of the HSL 30-Day Zone Ticket (€ 29.85 – € 69.85) and the discount price cannot be converted to cash. Applies only to regular priced Urban 30 subscriptions.

For all our service packages you can find pricing information and terms and conditions at

Processing of personal data

The personal information provided in this campaign will be collected and used to implement this campaign and to apply the campaign discount to the correct client account. In addition, all processing of personal data is in accordance with MaaS Global Oy’s Privacy Policy at:

Maas Global is constantly developing the service and negotiating with new service providers so the services that are available via offered packages might change.

The person participating in this campaign releases MaaS Global from all responsibilities regarding taking part in this campaign or receiving its price offer. In any case the responsibilities of MaaS Global do not exceed the campaign value for a participant.

MaaS Global reserves the right to update these terms also during the campaign period.