City Bikes are back! and Whim subscribers can, of course, get back in the saddle!

Current Whim Urban plan will be changing to Whim Urban 30 plan, which includes, for example, the long-awaited HSL 30-day ticket.

Spring is finally here and the city bike season starts next Monday 1.4. for Android users (for iOS users we are working hard to make them available as soon as possible – sorry for any inconvenience this may cause).

According to our information, HSL zone renewal will be here 27.4. and we at Whim will make sure you can ride to new zones smoothly. Due to HSL zone renewal the old single ticket based Whim Urban plan will become Whim Urban 30 plan, which includes the long waited 30 day HSL ticket. The current Whim Urban plan, which is based on city zones, will stop working 27.4. and therefore after the date it’s not possible to ride with with the old plan. We will tell you soon how to update your current plan easily to the new Whim Urban 30 plan and secure an easy transition to the new HSL zones.

The old single ticket based Whim Urban plan will continue to renew but only until 15.4.19.

If on 27.4.19 you still have some days left on your old plan your plan will automatically be changed to our pay as you go option, Whim to Go, and the money from unused days will be returned to your original payment method.

Have a sunny day and a great start to the biking season!