The concept of mobility-as-a-service was invented in Finland, and with the help of open-minded people ranging from politicians to various transport service providers and city officials the country provided a perfect test base for MaaS to develop and spread across the globe. Take a look at the detailed history of the idea that started a revolution in the mobility industry.


MaaS Global is founded

May, 2015

First employee starts

January, 2016

First investment round

January, 2016

Smart City Action Award

September, 2016

First commercial Whim ride

October, 2016

Nordic Smart Cities Award

November, 2016

The Best of the Year Award by Association of Visual Communication Designers

April, 2017

The Best Mobile Service in Finland Award

July, 2017

14.5€ million raised in total

August, 2017

Red Dot Design Award

October, 2017

Launch for the public

November, 2017

Design from Finland mark

December, 2017

European Start Up Prize

February, 2018

IF Design Award

March, 2018

Birmingham launch

March, 2018

First 1 million trips

June, 2018

€23.5 million raised in total

August, 2018

Antwerp launch

October, 2018

2 million trips

October, 2018

3 million trips

January, 2019

Future Unicorn Award

February, 2019

Good Design Award Best 100

October, 2019

Vienna launch

October, 2019

€53 million raised in total

November, 2019

Japan launch

December, 2020

Acquired Wondo

May, 2021

€65 million raised in total

August, 2021

Switzerland launch

September, 2021

20 million trips made

October, 2021