Unlock Whim Benefits with Whim Plus

Whim Plus is a new subscription that gives you access to Whim BenefitsFor only €2,99 you can enjoy the discounts of Whim Benefits for 30 days.

Previously, Whim Benefits were only available to those that had a valid season or serial ticket, but as we recognise that people’s mobility needs have changed in the past few years, we wanted to offer something that opens up Whim Benefits to everyone. And that is what we call Whim Plus – an alternative way to gain access to Whim Benefits!

Whim Plus: Your key to Whim Benefits

With Whim Plus you gain access to Whim Benefits, without having to subscribe to a season- or a serial ticket. Using Whim remains to be free to use and when a season or serial ticket is too much, you can simply pay as you go only for the trips you need.

Think of Whim Plus as a membership on top of your pay as you go trips; €2,99 is your membership fee for a 30 day period that entitles you to Whim Benefits including:

Up to 35% cheaper taxi rates with Taksi Helsinki

Rental car from €19/day (30 days rental), €55/day

1 free 30-minute JURO shared bike journey per month (Subject to availability of JURO bikes due to weather conditions)

For more detailed information about Whim Benefits check below or here.
Benefits are subject to change.

Whim Benefits

Up to 35% cheaper taxi rates with Taksi Helsinki:

  • If the trip is less than three kilometers and/or lasts less than ten minutes, the fixed price will be €16.
  • If the trip is more than three kilometers and/or lasts more than ten minutes, the extra charge will be calculated according to the normal rate and will automatically be added to the fixed price of €16.

The prices are valid 24/7, which means that no evening, night or weekend surcharges are added to the fare.

Rental car, from €55/day, €19/day for 30 days

With Whim Benefits you enjoy cheaper, fixed Whim Plus subscriber car rental prices with Hertz and Toyota Rent.

In practice, this means that when rental car prices normally increase according to the demand brought by seasonality, as a Whim Plus subscriber you always get a fixed subscriber price regardless of the current demand!

Find more information about car rental related Whim Benefits here.

Electric car from only €27/day

From Hertz’s selection, you can flexibly, without long term commitments, get a Nissan Leaf fully electric eco-friendly rental car starting from only €27/day.

Here’s how much you can save as a Whim Plus subscriber!

Rental time Normal price Discounted price You save
1-2 days €85/day €69/day €16/day
3-4 days €66/day €54/day €12/day
5-6 days €52/day €42/day €10/day
7-13 days €43/day €34/day €9/day
14-20 days €38/day €30/day €8/day
21-30 days €36/day €27/day €9/day


One free 30 min JURO-bike ride is included in your Whim Plus subscription. The price will be automatically reduced of the first JURO trip you make during each 30 day subscription period.

Read more about JURO-bikes here.


We accept all major credit, debit or debit/credit combination cards, and Apple Pay. You can also pay certain products with Smartum, Edenred and Epassi work commute benefits. Read more about paying with work commute benefit here.