Enjoy Whim Benefits!

Did you know that a valid subscription, season or a serial ticket gives you access to special offers and reduced prices in the world of Whim Benefits!

Whim Benefits are available to you by purchasing or subscribing to any of the following products, for the duration of the ticket or product:

We work hard to always have the best benefits available. However, the benefits may change from time to time. Below you will find more information about the current available Whim Benefits.

Up to 35% cheaper taxi rates with Taksi Helsinki

By purchasing a season ticket or any other product that opens up the Whim Benefits, you enjoy up to 35% cheaper taxi fares with Taksi Helsinki. The prices are valid 24/7, which means that no evening, night or weekend surcharges are added to the fare and you can save up to €10/ride compared to standard fares!

In September 2021 we did a price comparison and collected sample fares for trips of different lengths in the table below.* See below how much you can save as a Whim subscriber!

* Prices are indicative, from Friday 3.9.2021 and Saturday night, 4.9.2021, 22:00

Rental car, from €55/24h, €19.90/day for 30 days

By purchasing a season ticket or any other product that opens up the Whim Benefits you enjoy cheaper, fixed Whim subscriber car rental prices with Hertz, Sixt, Toyota Rent and 24Rent.

In practice, this means that when rental car prices normally increase according to the demand brought by different seasons, as a Whim subscriber you always get a fixed subscriber price regardless of the current demand!

Find more information about car rental related Whim Benefits here.

24Rent special prices from €15/2h

Rent a car just for as long as you need; whether you are in need of a van for a few hours of moving, or you need a car for a weekend getaway or for everyday errands. 

Normally rental car prices fluctuate depending on the day, time and demand and normal 24Rent prices can go even up to €90/2h depending on demand. 

Here are a few sample prices to see how much prices can normally fluctuate throughout the day and how much you could save as a Whim subscriber:

  • Tuesday 12.10.2021 17:00, Toyota Corolla €43/2h
  • Tuesday 12.10.2021 21:00, Toyota Corolla €92/2h
  • Wednesday 13.10.2021 09:00, Toyota Corolla €28/2h
  • Wednesday 13.10.2021 13:00, Toyota Corolla €30/2h

Pricing is based on usage, either hourly or daily. From Monday to Sunday and around the clock, even during the busiest peak hours, Whim subscriber’s regular fixed price is always the same; €15/2h, €30/4h or €40/8h! 

Read more about 24Rent and how it works here.

1 free JURO shared bike journey per month

One free 30 min JURO-bike ride is also included when you purchase a season ticket or any other product that opens up the Whim Benefits. To redeem your free ride, just scan the QR code displayed in the app.

Every time your subscription renews or you repurchase a product, you’ll get a new free JURO bike ride to redeem during the period of time that the subscription or product is active.

JURO free rides are not cumulative. If you don’t use your free ride before the subscription expires, you’ll lose the chance to use it until your subscription renews again. 

So, locate the closest available bike on the app’s map and start pedalling!

Read more about JURO-bikes here.

1 free day per month at Sofia co-working space

Enjoy a better remote working day in the elegant and functional premises in the historical centre of Helsinki. You will get one free day pass (value €25 / day) every month in the Sofia Coworking -space located at the edge of Senaatintori, in the heart of Helsinki. (Not available to old customers of Sofia Coworking -space).

To use your Sofia benefit, show your active Whim subscription at the registration in the lobby, as well as your ID card or passport.

You’ll have to register to Sofia with your name, email and phone number. Once you’re registered, you’ll get to enjoy a free day at the space, not only to work but to arrange meetings, participate in events and enjoy good food and drinks.

You will find Sofia Coworking -space at Sofiankatu 4 C, 00170 Helsinki.