What is Mobility as a Service (MaaS)?

By Whim • February 3, 2016

Mobility as a Service brings every kind of transport together into a single intuitive mobile app. It seamlessly combines transport options from different providers, handling everything from travel planning to payments. Whether you prefer to buy journeys on demand or subscribe to an affordable monthly package, MaaS manages your travel needs in the smartest way possible.

MaaS is a hassle-free and environmentally sound alternative to private car ownership. It makes worries about route planning, parking, and car maintenance a thing of the past, helping you go places easier and more efficiently than ever before.

A Finnish concept going global

The MaaS concept was born in Finland where it already plays a key role in the national transport policy. It is widely recognised as a disruptive innovation, which will change the entire transportation universe through digitalization and combining the best of existing apps. Sampo Hietanen, the founder of the MaaS concept, has been leading the way globally to deliver the service to the mainstream.

With transportation being the world’s second largest consumer market and the average user spending 300 euros per month on their mobility needs, MaaS has amazing potential. Besides bettering consumers’ lives and protecting the environment, it will offer unparalleled business opportunities across the globe.