Taksi Helsinki Price Change

By Whim • November 15, 2022

As of December 16, 2022, Taksi Helsinki’s fares on Whim will be adjusted in response to inflationary pressures and rising fuel costs.

The price change affects customers who have access to the fixed Taksi Helsinki fare in Whim through Whim Benefits. Customers gain access to Whim Benefits and thus a fixed fare for Taksi Helsinki through the following Whim products: HSL 30, HSL 30 Student, Whim Ten Ticket, Citybike Season, Voi 30, Voi 60, Whim Plus, Whim Unlimited.

The adjusted fares are as follows:

  1. If the trip is less than three kilometers and/or lasts less than ten minutes, the fixed price* will be €16 (instead of €12.50).
  2. If the trip is more than three kilometers and/or lasts more than ten minutes, the extra charge will be calculated according to the normal rate and will automatically be added to the fixed price* of €16 (instead of €12.50).

The fixed price is valid 24/7, which means that no evening, night, or weekend surcharges are added to the fare.

Thank you for your understanding!

*Fixed price applies to Whim Benefits holders only.