”The new normal” in daily life also affects transportation

By Whim • August 15, 2022

Finns have learnt to work efficiently from home during the corona pandemic. Many people believe that there is no return to the former way of working. It is possible that remote work will increase further in the future. This will have a significant impact on people’s need on cars and mobility. 

According to research published by Finnish entrepreneurs (Suomen yrittäjät) over 70 % of people in employment would like to continue working remotely in the future. Thanks to remote working, Finns have saved time when business trips have disappeared from weekly routines. This has increased the smoothness and happiness of everyday life at its best.  It is therefore perfectly understandable that remote working will continue to be an attractive option in the future.

What is certain is that it is not possible to transfer all work to home. There are also few jobs that will no longer require presence on company premises.  It is most likely that in the future work will be done both from home and from the office.

Commuting time for Finns is reasonable

According to a study conducted by Eurostat and published by Tilastokeskus, time spent commuting in Finland is reasonable when compared to other European countries. A one-way commute takes an average of 23 minutes in Finland. In Germany and Sweden, for example, the corresponding number is 26 minutes and in Latvia it is even ten minutes longer than in Finland. The European average for the one-way commute is 25 minutes.

The length of the commute and the time it takes are things to think a little bit more in the future. Especially in cities, there are several options for mobility. If you only have to travel to the office a few times per week and the length of the commute is reasonable, is it no longer necessary to own a car? At least for some people public transport and a bicycle could replace a car.

Season tickets will change to series tickets

If travelling by public transport is mainly limited for commuting, season ticket is not an economically wise solution.

Through Whim it is possible to buy Kymppilippu, which includes ten one-way tickets for HSL’s AB zone. The combination of ten tickets costs 28 € and basically it allows commuting for five days.

Kymppilippu opens the doors for many Whim benefits when travelling around the metropolitan area. The current benefits of the ten-ticket holder are as follows.

  • Up to 35% cheaper taxi rates with Taksi Helsinki – reliable, affordable and always knowing the price in advance also in the evenings, night-time and weekends.
  • 24Rent  special prices from €15/2h. From Monday to Sunday and around the clock, even during the busiest peak hours, Whim subscriber’s regular fixed price is always the same; €15/2h, €30/4h or €40/8h! 
  • Affordable rental cars from €55 / day (incl. reduced deductible among other things).
  • One free Day Pass (value €25) every month to Sofia Coworking space in the heart of Helsinki on the edge of Helsinki Senate Square. Does not apply to existing customers of Sofia Coworking.
  • 1 Free ride every month with JURO shared bikes (max. 30 min)

Erik, who lives in the Helsinki metropolitan area, is about to test Whim Ten Ticket when the current season ticket will expire.

– We have a new policy in our workplace that attendance at the office is mandatory only one day a week. So, there is no reason to buy a season ticket anymore, especially when I don’t travel much outside the home during the winter. It is a good thing that there are options available. 

Until now, Erik has paid €65,30 a month for his AB zone season ticket. When commuting now decreases and with the help of the Whim Ten Ticket, he only pays €28 a month. The “new normal” therefore saves him more than 37 euros a month.

Remote work is curbing the climate change

The University of Turku School of Economics has made a survey whether Finns are willing to continue working remotely after the corona period. The study also shows how commuting will decrease by 13 % from the time before the corona pandemic.

It is estimated that passenger car traffic would decrease by 6-8 % if remote work continued after the corona pandemic. According to Markku Ollikainen, Chairman of the Climate panel, a reduction of 6-8 % would mean emissions reductions of about 0,34-0,45 million tons per year. This could be considered as significant step towards a carbon-neutral Finland.

This way you can change daily routines step by step

Get moving in small steps. Replace one working day per month with an alternative means of transportation. Many people have surprised at how relaxing it is to take a nap on the bus instead having to drive in a morning rush.

If the length of  your commute is reasonable, you can switch between public transport and cycling, for example. This way you can combine both responsible and healthy exercise. If you get excited about cycling, you can download the right to use city bikes for the whole season through Whim.

By slowly experimenting different modes of transportation, you will find the best way to move for yourself. Stuck into old routines should be avoided as the world is constantly changing and new opportunities for mobility are continuously appearing.  

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