Secure and fast taxi booking with Whim

With Whim you can book a taxi in the metropolitan area without having to ask about prices for a ride. After you have set your point of departure and destination, Whim automatically gets offers from our partners for you to choose from. After this, the app requests the closest available taxi to your location.

Why use Whim to book a taxi?

  • The Whim app is a MaaS or Mobility as a Service -solution that collects multiple different modes of transport into a single application, without any additional expenses for the users. You can use a single app to manage and pay for public transport, city bikes, taxis, e-scooters and car rentals.
  • With Whim, you’ll receive an offer from more than one of our trustworthy partnering businesses (Taksi Helsinki, Lähitaksi & Menevä) and you are always shown all options as well as prices in advance. You’ll also know the pick-up time in advance, so you can compare different service providers directly in our app. 
  • Because the payment for your ride is made with the app, you’ll know what the ride is going to cost when booking a taxi.
  • Those who have purchased a season pass or a series ticket have access to various taxi benefits and offers. Learn more about the Whim Benefits included in season and series tickets.
  • Our app works internationally and we are constantly expanding to new cities, so you can use Whim when traveling.

Whim is like a taxi meter in your phone

Whim’s app is like a taxi meter on your phone! You are shown the final offer before confirming the order, so you can check the price well in advance before booking the ride.

Taxi discounts for season pass and series ticket holders 

By purchasing a season ticket or any other product that opens up the Whim Benefits, you will enjoy a fixed price and therefore up to 35% cheaper taxi fares with Taksi Helsinki:

  • If the trip is less than three kilometers and/or lasts less than ten minutes, the fixed price will be €16.
  • If the trip is more than three kilometers and/or lasts more than ten minutes, the extra charge will be calculated according to the normal rate and will automatically be added to the fixed price of €16.

The prices are valid 24/7, which means that no evening, night or weekend surcharges are added to the fare.

Discounted Taxi Helsinki fares and other Whim Benefits are available to you by purchasing any of the following products, for the duration of the ticket or product:

By subscribing to Whim Unlimited, you get up to 80 five-kilometer taxi rides every month without additional fees.