Island hopping with Whim

Three islands with a single ticket. With the Whim app, you can purchase JT-Line’s Island Hopping -day tickets that get you to Vallisaari, Suomenlinna and Lonna with a ferry departing from the Market Square. In addition to stunning nature, the islands provide food, drinks, the warmth of sauna and nature activities for the whole family.

With a day ticket, you can step onboard and continue your journey based on your own schedule or just admire the archipelago from the ferry. The ferries depart every 30 to 45 minutes from dawn to dusk. Check the timetables in advance and take notice of exceptions especially on weekends and holidays.

The ferry departs from the Market Square’s Cholera Basin. 

Check the schedules here.

Day ticket: 12 € adults

Why purchase an island hopping ticket with Whim?

  • The Whim app is a MaaS or Mobility as a Service -solution that collects multiple different modes of transport into a single application, without any additional expenses for the users. You can use a single app to manage and pay for public transport, city bikes, taxis and car rentals.
  • Buy JT-Line’s tickets in addition to everything else for your mobility from a single app.
  • Our app works internationally and we are constantly expanding to new cities, so you can use Whim when travelling.

1. Go to the map-view and press the ferry-icon.. 

2. Select ”Island hopping, adult”. The app displays a ticket, routes, stops and a schedule.

3. Pay for your journey.

4. Now you have a day ticket that gives you unlimited access to travel between the islands for a day.