Ride e-scooters with Whim

E-scooters are the latest arrival among different vehicles for getting around the city in an easy and convenient way. People started to notice e-scooters around the Spring and Summer of 2019, when they raised great interest and excitement for making short trips from one place to another. Whim’s customers can also utilise our partners’ e-scooters for getting from one place to another without unnecessary hassle!

Why use an e-scooter with Whim?

  • The Whim app is a MaaS or Mobility as a Service -solution that collects multiple different modes of transport into a single application, without any additional expenses for the users. You can use a single app to manage and pay for public transport, city bikes, taxis and car rentals.
  • Everything you need to ride an e-scooter can be done with Whim. The app allows you to check all other options for your mobility, conveniently in a single place.
  • We tailored our monthly subscription plans with the needs of different users in mind. You can find more information about plans and benefits on our plans-page.
  • Our app works internationally and we are constantly expanding to new cities, so you can use Whim when travelling.

Hopping on an e-scooter with Whim

With the Whim app, you can find the closest available e-scooters on a map and check other modes of transportation as well. You don’t have to worry about browsing between different apps and websites when choosing the right vehicle for your needs.

You can start riding with an e-scooter in two ways. In case there are no e-scooters nearby, you can search for the closest available e-scooter in the app’s Scooters-section. You can unlock an available e-scooter either by scanning a QR-code in the scooter’s handlebar or by selecting an e-scooter in the app and pressing “Unlock scooter”. 

Remember to read the application’s safety instructions before starting your ride with an e-scooter.

Returning an e-scooter

Returning an e-scooter is simple. You can park the scooter somewhere inside its operational area, in a place where it is not in the way of other traffic. After you are done with the ride, check the map so that you are not inside a red zone and press “End ride”. Once you have ended the ride, the app displays details of your ride.

Common questions about e-scooters

  • Using TIER e-scooters in Helsinki
  • Renting an e-scooter
  • Starting a ride with an e-scooter
  • During the ride
  • Ending a ride
  • How to report issues with an e-scooter
  • Pricing for Whim users
  • Additional fees
  • Requirements for using an e-scooter

In addition to the inner city of Helsinki, Tier e-scooters are available also in Lauttasaari and certain areas in Espoo.

Where can I ride with an e-scooter?

You can ride an e-scooter on bicycle lanes and at the side of the driveway in urban areas. Make sure to follow the local speed limit of 18-25 km/h when riding. Remember to also take other people and vehicles into consideration and adhere to local traffic regulations.