Renting a car with the Whim app

With Whim you can conveniently rent a car without a separate agreement from Hertz, Sixt, Toyota Rent and 24Rent.

Why rent a car with Whim?

  • As a Whim subscriber, you get cheaper list prices. See more information below.
  • If you have accumulated travel credit in your Whim account from our various promotions, you can use it towards renting a car.
  • Cars can be conveniently rented from our partner offices located all over Finland.
  • Our app works internationally already also in Belgium and Switzerland and we are constantly expanding to new territories.
  • The Whim app is a MaaS or Mobility as a Service -solution that collects multiple different modes of transport into a single application, without any additional expenses for the users. You can use a single app to manage and pay for public transport, city bikes, taxis and car rentals.

As a Whim subscriber, you rent a car cheaper!

By purchasing a season ticket or any other product that opens up the Whim benefits you enjoy cheaper, fixed Whim subscriber car rental prices with Hertz and Toyota Rent.

In practice, this means that when rental car prices normally increase according to the demand brought by different seasons, as a Whim subscriber you always get a fixed subscriber price regardless of the current demand! See below for more information.

Fixed Whim subscriber car rental prices and other Whim benefits are available to you by purchasing any of the following products, for the duration of the ticket or product:

Hertz & Toyota Rent 

Fixed special prices start depending on the car only €55/24h (€19/24h when you rent a car for 30 days). In addition, you get other benefits:

  • Reduced deductible
  • Unlimited kilometers included
  • Additional driver free of charge*
  • The rental car can be delivered directly to your home or workplace

*With Toyota Rent


Rent a car just for as long as you need; whether you are in need of a van for a few hours of moving, or you need a car for a weekend getaway or for everyday errands. 

Pricing is based on usage, either hourly or daily. Read more about 24Rent and how it works here.

Whim subscribers’ electric car benefit

From Hertz’s selection, you can flexibly, without long-term commitments, get a Nissan Leaf fully electric eco-friendly rental car starting from only €27/day.

See below how much you can save as a Whim subscriber!

  • 1-2 days: €69/day (normally €85/day)
  • 3-4 days: €54/day (normally €66/day)
  • 5-6 days: €42/day (normally €52/day)
  • 7-13 days: €34/day (normally €43/day)
  • 14-20 days: €30/day (normally €38/day)
  • 21-30 days: €27/day (normally €36/day)  

In addition, you will also get other benefits:

  • A fully charged battery (you can return the car with an empty battery)
  • €500 deductible on all bookings
  • Unlimited kilometers included