JURO-bikes are a handy way to move around

JURO shared bikes

JURO is a Finnish company renting shared bikes. You can now get around Helsinki with JURO by using the Whim app.

Using and returning the JURO-bikes is easy because they don’t have exact parking spots for retrieving and returning the bikes. All you have to do is locate the closest JURO-bike on the app’s map and start riding. You can leave JURO anywhere, as long as it is not in the way of other people and the next user can easily hop on and start cycling.

JURO is an environmentally friendly option when you want to get from one place to another quickly and conveniently. JURO not only reduces the amount of car traffic, but its locking system is also powered with solar energy.

In addition to doing good for the environment, JURO’s social responsibility shows through the work it does together with different people and organizations. By using JURO-bikes, one association you are supporting is Asenne, working to provide hobbies and activities for children and youth who are at the risk of social exclusion.

Using JURO-bikes

Before hopping on the saddle of a JURO-bike, you must be at least 18-year-old and you need the Whim app in order to begin and pay for your journey. Wearing a helmet is not required, but we strongly recommend using one.

When you want to start riding with JURO, locate the closest available bike on the app’s map. Once you have found a suitable bike, read a QR-code located on the bike. This opens the bike’s solar-powered locking mechanism. To ride with a JURO-bike, you need to follow the same familiar traffic rules as with any other regular bike. Remember to take other cyclists, cars as well as pedestrians into consideration and follow the speed limits.

You pay a fixed price for riding with JURO, based on the length of your journey. Each new 30 minutes costs 1.5 € and you are charged with the app at the end of the ride.

Once you have reached your destination, check the map for allowed parking spots. JURO-bikes don’t have separate racks for parking. Instead, you can leave the bikes anywhere as long as they are not in the way of passageways or other people. Be mindful of the next user, so they can start riding as easily as possible without any issues.

Why ride with JURO?

  • JURO is a handy and convenient way to get around the city. On top of that, starting your ride and returning the bike has been made as easy as possible. JURO-bikes are transferred at night and during evenings to places where they are needed the most. You will always find a bike, no matter where in the city you might need one.
  • You pay a fixed price for every 30 minutes. The price of a rental is charged directly with the app. You can also use the app to navigate and look for available bikes.
  • JURO is an environmentally friendly way to get around, equipped with a solar-powered locking mechanism. In addition, JURO actively supports the valuable work done by different charities.
  • JURO is a reliable Finnish company and you can contact them easily should problems or anything unexpected occur. You can also be in touch with JURO regarding suggestions for improvement or any other ideas through their customer service.

Remember, in addition to JURO-bikes, Whim users have access to many other benefits and modes of transportation. You can read more about these on the plans page.
In case you still have questions regarding JURO and using their bikes with the Whim app, you may contact our customer service through the app or our help center. If your question does not concern the Whim app but is about JURO or bike rentals in general, please be in touch with JURO’s customer service.