MaaS Global wins the Future Unicorn Award

By Whim • February 21, 2019

The Future Unicorn Award celebrates the best SMEs across Europe that have the potential to become the future European Tech giants.

MaaS Global, the world’s first true Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) operator, today announced it was chosen as one of the winners of the prestigious Future Unicorn Award.

Presented at a gala ceremony in Brussels alongside the Masters of Digital event, the Future Unicorn Award celebrates the best SMEs across Europe that have the potential to become the future European tech giants. Whim, the all-inclusive application pioneered by MaaS Global which is live in cities such as Helsinki, Birmingham and Antwerp, was selected as one of the winners among 16 nominees from all over Europe.

The Masters of Digital network of trade associations covers 30 countries in Europe and beyond, representing more than 35,000 businesses. Winners have to demonstrate successful digitalisation of their business processes and offering innovative digital products and services.

Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director General of Masters of Digital comments: “Today, 11.6% of the world’s unicorns are based in Europe – this is not enough! DIGITALEUROPE, the large industry association for digital in Europe, has partnered with its 40 national trade associations to identify and select the most promising innovation companies from across 29 European countries and 35,000 businesses. MaaS Global awarded today has all it takes to become one Europe’s future unicorn.”

“We are very excited and privileged to be among the winners of the Future Unicorn Award,“ MaaS Global CEO Sampo Hietanen comments. “With close to 3,5 million trips made since its launch in December 2017, we look forward to introducing the world’s first true Mobility as a Service concept globally, with 12 new cities in Asia, Europe and the USA being launched this year.”

“The Smart Cities of the future need more Maas Global-like applications to attract and reward citizens towards a new mobility-experience!“, comments Bart Meert from the Future Unicorn jury. “Multimodal Mobility as a Service could be one of the magic words to solve our mobility bottlenecks.”

The Masters of Digital also launched a “Call to Action for a stronger digital Europe”, a bold statement of how the organisation would like digital to benefit Europe in the next 10 years, and how to get there through policy and investment actions. With the focus of the agenda on Digital Ecosystems, Digital Manufacturing, Sustainability, e-Health, Artificial Intelligence and EU Leadership beyond 2020, The Masters of Digital gathers over 400 senior policy-makers and decision-makers with an interest in the ongoing digital transformation of Europe.

About The Masters of Digital

The Masters of Digital is the largest digital policy conference in Brussels and a unique European flagship event which focuses on the future of digital in Europe and beyond. The conference will also feature our Pan-Europe “Future Unicorn Award 2019″ a celebration of the most promising digital companies with the potential to become Europe’s next tech giants. The Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society Mariya Gabriel will hand the award.

Future Unicorn Award video.