Freedom and independence are currently in fashion

By Whim • June 8, 2022

Today people don’t content with a sense of freedom and independence only on their vacation. Many of us are willing to include these themes as a part of our everyday life.

Life is full of choices and the world offers multiple options during a lifetime. Everyone has to find their own way. There is no right or wrong way to build your life. 

Recently the pursuit of a free and independent life has been in fashion. Owned apartments have changed for living in a rent, office work for remote work and own car for public transport.

It’s fascinating that there are several options today available for different situations. Old formulas are sometimes good to question. Happiness in life can be found in the sense of freedom. 

Statistics do not lie 

Rental housing has increased in the 2010s. At the end of 2020, as many as 34 % of all housing units were rented. The figure is four percentage higher than in 2010.

The number of passengers in public transport also shows, that more and more Finns have started to prefer public transport.

Statistics show that both rail, tram, metro and bus traffic increased when comparing the total amount of passengers between 2010 and 2019. However, comparing the statistics to the year 2020 doesn’t give a realistic picture of the situation as corona pandemic forced people to change their normal habits.

In contrast, taxi traffic decreased over the same period. There are many reasons for the decline in popularity of taxi services. Especially in cities people have started to move short distances with city bikes and electric kickboards.

In March 2019, two companies offering electric kickboards for rent landed in Finland: Tier and Voi. The popularity of electric kickboards has started to rise tremendously. 

– During the summer I take trips to the city with electric kickboard rather than sitting in a hot taxi. In summer 2019 for instance, we were on a holiday trip In Tampere and decided to visit Särkänniemi amusement park. My girlfriend was already watching bus schedules, but I suggested to use electric kickboards when the sun was once shining. When we got there, we noticed that many others had thought the same way as there was a huge lineup of electric kickboards at the gates of Särkänniemi, says 31 years old Juho who currently lives in Helsinki metropolitan area. 

The corona pandemic made remote work. “ a new normal”. In 2020 about half of the employees living in Finland had worked remotely and 92 % of them were satisfied with the way remote work was organized. 

It is very likely that remote work opportunities will increase and develop further in the future. The feeling of freedom can be expected to be more easily attainable in the future.

Finland is the happiest country in the world
In early 2021, the World Happiness Report was published again. In the report Finland was the happiest country in the world for the fourth year in a row.

What makes us Finns so happy?

Everyone has their own reasons to be happy. 

The World Happiness Report draws attention to several aspects of life that have an impact on human experience and well-being. Examples to mention are the level of corruption, safe and clean environment, adequate social security and freedom.

Finns have a freedom to make different choices throughout their lives, which increases happiness in general.

The world is getting smaller

As mobility becomes easier and more diverse, the world is getting smaller all the time. Holiday trips to the other side of the world are getting commonplace and travelling around the homeland is also easier than ever.

Seeing new places, people and cultures enriches life. If life on the other side of the globe feels like a fascinating solution, there is nothing to stop you from moving permanently to a new country. This kind of independence is precisely what makes people to feel free and happy.

Seeing new places and new experiences also give perspective to your own life. Appreciation of small things in life and the feeling that you can influence for certain things increase happiness.

Social issues, such as climate change, are increasing people’s interest. As the world gets smaller, many of us have understood that we are together building the planet of the future.

Different forms of transportation are essential when talking about free mobility. In the future, we will be travelling more and more by public and economical means of transport. In this way we will not have to give up freedom, but at the same time we will be able to curb climate change. In order to further increase the popularity of public transport it has to be fast, inexpensive and easy.

Whim gives you access to a variety of public transport, but also the option to choose electric kickboards, city bikes, taxis and rental cars. Travelling around has never been so easy when one application includes all possible modes of transportation.

Keep yourself on the move and enjoy freedom with Whim!

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