Exclusive 30 and 60 min Voi packages you can only find in Whim

With the Voi packages, you will get 30/60 min of Voi e-Scooter ride time and enjoy rides without ANY unlock fees (normally €1 every time you start a new scooter ride) for up to 30 days, or until you run out of minutes. What’s more, you will also get access to the special offers and reduced prices in the world of Whim Benefits!* Read more about the benefits below.

The price is €6,99 for 30 minutes and €12,99 for 60 minutes. Extra minutes can be purchased any time and the minutes will be added to your existing balance.**

Buy a Voi package in the app using the plan selector here or click here to go to the home screen and then click on ‘Scooter’. 

Read more about Voi e-Scooters here.

*Whim Benefits are available for the duration of your Voi package period e.g. As long as you have minutes left for max. 30 days from the date of purchase/extra value purchased.

**30 min or 60 min value can be added at a time to the package and the value-added (30 or 60min) will be added on top of the remaining value (if any left). The usage period of the package will reset to 30 days from the date on which the extra value was purchased. Unused minutes are lost when the package expires after 30 days unless more value has been added to it. 

Enjoy Whim Benefits

Don’t forget that you will also get the following Whim benefits for the duration of your Voi package:

  • One free ride with JURO shared bikes every month (max. 30 min ride).
  • Unlimited rides with Taksi Helsinki for an affordable fixed price of €12,5 (max 3 km and max 10min, standard rate for the excess) – reliably and affordably. Prices are valid 24/7 – so no evening, night or weekend supplements are added to the price and you can save up to €8 per ride compared to standard prices!
  • Car rentals from Hertz, Sixt and Toyota Rent starting at €55 / day (including e.g. lower cover payment).

We work hard to always have the best benefits available. However, the benefits may change from time to time.