When a season ticket is too much, Whim Ten Ticket is the solution

Do you use public transportation but not enough to justify subscribing to a 30-day ticket?

Do you also like to mix and match your mobility options between public transport, e-scooters, taxis, walking and city bikes depending on distance, mood, and weather?

Then the new Whim Ten Ticket is just for you! It includes ten pre-paid single tickets for HSL AB zones at €33. With Whim Ten Ticket you will always have a single ticket available when you’re about to hop on HSL’s public transport (the tickets are available for 90 days after purchase, or until you have used them all).

With Whim you have all the mobility options you need within your grasp. Hop on Voi and TIER e-scoooters, ride on Helsinki & Espoo City Bikes, find a taxi to get somewhere quickly and enjoy the amazing Whim Benefits.

The Whim Benefits can be unlocked by purchasing or subscribing to any of the following products, for the duration of the ticket or product: Whim Ten Ticket, HSL 30-day season ticket (standard or student), 30min & 60min Voi packages.

Currently the Whim Benefits include:

  • Up to 35% cheaper taxi rates with Taksi Helsinki – reliable, affordable and always knowing the price in advance also in the evenings, night-time and weekends.
  • Affordable rental cars from €55 / day (incl. reduced deductible among other things).

Read more about the Whim Benefits here.

How to purchase Whim Ten Ticket:

Download the Whim app from your app store (or update your existing Whim app to the latest one) and register as a user, add profile information, and a payment card.

Click on public transport under Travel By in the Home view, and below the single ticket options, select Ten Ticket.

Or go to your profile and click Choose & subscribe banner. From the list, select Ten Ticket.