Get the Helsinki & Espoo City Bike Season Pass from Whim

The Helsinki and Espoo city bikes are on the streets again! Purchase the Helsinki & Espoo City Bike Season Pass now and unlock Whim Benefits!

Get your City Bike Season Pass 2022 for €35 in Whim directly on your mobile phone without any commitment but with lots of benefits:

  • Enjoy unlimited access to 30-minute bike rides1
  • See up-to-date bike availability directly in the app2
  • Automatically unlock Whim Benefits for the entire city bike season and enjoy special rates for many transport modes and other offers
  • Use Edenred or Smartum work commuter benefits to purchase your City Bike Season Pass

1) 1 € excess fee per 30 minutes. The maximum usage time for a city bike is 5 hours at a time. If the time is exceeded, a late fee of 80 € will be charged from your card.
2) Most likely not all Citybike stations will be available right at the beginning of the season. But as soon as a station is activated, it will be visible in Whim incl. bike availability!

Why you should buy your City Bike Season Pass in Whim

As a City Bike subscriber in Whim you automatically unlock Whim Benefits:

  • JURO shared bikes: 1 free use every month (max. 30 min drive; bike availability depending on season)
  • Sofia co-working space: One free daily pass (value €25/day) once a month to this co-working space in the heart of Helsinki, on the edge of Senate Square
  • Taxi Helsinki: Unlimited, always affordable €12.50 fixed prices for Taxi Helsinki trips (max. 3 km, max. 10min). Reliable and convenient: you always know the price in advance, even in the evening, at night and on weekends
  • Hertz, Sixt and Toyota Rent: Special rates for rental cars from €55/day, €19/day for 30 days (includes reduced deductible)
  • 24Rent: Flexible car rental with special prices from €15/2h

Even more reasons for Whim:

  • Conveniently use TIER and Voi e-scooteers with one and the same application
  • Purchase HSL single tickets, HSL 30-day tickets, HSL 30-day student tickets or the exclusive Whim Ten Ticket (10 pre-purchased HSL AB-zone single tickets)
  • Book reliable and safe taxis with Taksi Helsinki, Lähitaksi and Menevä. You will always see the price of the trip and the pick-up time estimate in advance
  • Help our mission to replace 1 million private cars with Whim subscriptions by 2030
City Bike Helsinki Whim

How to purchase your City Bike Season Pass in Whim

1. Download Whim or update the app to the latest version.

2. Select the city bike season in the Whim plan selector and pay for it directly in the app with a payment card or your commuter benefit from Edenred or Smartum.

3. You can find your username and pin code in the “Valid Tickets” section of the main menu.

4. To access the bike, press the enter button in the centre of the handlebar of the bike and follow the on-screen instructions. After entering the cyclist ID and PIN code, the bike will be released and you can use it for 30 minutes.

You’re good to go! Please note that the maximum usage time for a city bike is 5 hours at a time (after 30 minutes of use, you pay € 1 / 30min). If the usage time is exceeded, an € 80 delay fee will be charged.


City bike season is from April 1st to October 31. You have access to almost 4,600 bikes and 460 stations in Helsinki and Espoo. Please note that due to winter conditions, all city bike stations might not be in place yet on April 1st. You can check the available stations in the app and when new stations are open, they will appear on the map.

Use Whim to check stations and the availability of bikes. Sometimes the popularity of the city bikes means you’ll find the racks empty. To avoid disappointment, use Whim to check the availability of bikes in real-time and then head to the right station. Your bike ride begins when you get a personal identification and PIN code from Whim. Then check the condition of the bike you selected: do the brakes work, is the saddle at the right height. And then just hop on.

Always follow the cycling traffic rules.

With the city bike you can ride in Helsinki and Espoo as well as from one city to another. You can ride unlimited times for free for up to 30 minutes at a time. For rides longer than 30 minutes, you will be charged €1 per every extra 30 minutes (max 5 h total riding time).

If needed, you can always lock the bike temporarily anywhere outside of a docking station too. When you want to lock the bike temporarily, press the enter button and follow the on-screen instructions. Inside the handlebar is a wire lock, of which the other end locks into the front fork of the wheel. Wrap the wire around a fixed object, such as a pole or fence. Once you have done this, the steering control is also locked and the lock can only be opened by the user who has locked the bicycle in the first place.

Please note that the duration of the bike usage does not stop for the duration of the temporary pause: if you do not return the bike to a docking station within half an hour, you will be charged an additional fee.

Follow the instructions on the screen to unlock the bicycle.

Please be considerate and take your bike to a docking station whenever possible – there are many stations always close by and in this way we can assure that as many people as possible have access to the city bikes.

Return bike to a docking station

Ride to a city bike docking station and push the bike into the rack.

Wait for the bike to lock and you will receive a “Return OK” or “FINISH” acknowledgment on the bike screen.

Once the bike is returned your responsibility for it ends.

If returning the bike is unsuccessful, pull the bike out of the rack and try again in either the same or another rack slot. Sometimes, due to a connection failure, the return may still not be successful, in which case you will have to pedal to the next station to return the bike.

Returning the bike near or next to a docking station

Park the bike in the immediate vicinity of a full docking station, no more than 10 to 20 meters away.

Press Enter, select Reset, and make sure the handlebar locks.

Wrap the lock cable from the handlebar around another city bike and snap it back into the slot in the handlebar.

If the reset fails, spin the front tire or move the bicycle back and forth and try again.

Should you come to a full docking station with such a city bike returned outside of the rack, use it in the same way as the bikes docked in to the station.

1. Download the Whim app, fill out your profile and add your bank card details

2 . Add the discount code on your profile view in the app

3. Select the desired means of transport from the front screen view and start the trip, the discount will be displayed when confirming the purchase

Each time a PIN is created, a temporary charge is put on the card, which is refunded when the bike is returned to a docking station within 30 minutes, or the PIN is not used within 2 days.

There is a charge of € 1 for every starting half an hour.

If the bike is not returned within five hours, a € 80 delay fee will be charged on your card.

If the bike is not returned within 24 hours, the bike will be stated lost and a user fee of € 400 will be charged on your card. If your bike is stolen, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you have any problems or questions regarding the use of the application, you can contact our customer service directly through the application.

In case of problems related to the use of the city bikes, please contact the city bike customer service by phone +358942578810 (Mon – Fri 7-19, Sat-Sun 9-17) or by e-mail

If the bike is stolen while you are using it, please report it immediately to the City Bikes customer service and within two days make a criminal report, of which you will have to deliver a copy to the City Bike Finland customer service. In this case, you will not be required to pay compensation for the bike. Please help us in taking proper care of the city bikes and prevent theft and other vandalism.


MaaS Global Oy, John Stenbergin Ranta 2, 00530 Helsinki.

Name of the campaign 

City Bike Season 2022 pre-purchase prize draw

Campaign rules for earning a raffle ticket

Anyone who pre-purchases the Helsinki & Espoo City Bike Season Pass 2022 in the Whim app, will be automatically entered in the prize draw.

Only one (1) raffle ticket per customer.


  • Customer must have purchased the Helsinki & Espoo City Bike Season Pass 2022 in the Whim app in advance before the season starts on Apr 1st 2022.

The participant must be 18 years old.

Raffle method & timing

The prize draw will be performed by a random computer process.

The draw takes place on 11.4.2022 and winners will be notified by email latest on 12.4.2022. 


10 x Bicycle helmets.

One (1) raffle ticket equals a chance to win one (1) out of the 10 bicycle helmets.

Other rules

  • Prize draw winners will be contacted personally via email or text message.
  • The names of the winners may be published on Whim’s website and social media channels.
  • You are only eligible for one raffle ticket. 
  • Upon request, the winner must provide the organiser with the necessary information to receive the prize.
  • If the winner is unable or unwilling to receive the prize, a new winner will be drawn for the prize.
  • No separate notice will be sent to unsuccessful participants.
  • The prize cannot be converted into cash.
  • The prize cannot be transferred to another person. Winners must accept their prize themselves or choose to refuse the entire prize. In the latter case, a new winner will be drawn for the prize.
  • Participants in the draw agree to abide by the law, fair use policy and these competition rules. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify a person who violates the competition rules or seeks to abuse the competition to change the results or lottery probabilities or otherwise use dishonest means.
  • If the winner of the lottery has acted in violation of these rules or otherwise unlawfully, this will result in disqualification.
  • The prize cannot be returned to the organiser.

Responsibility of the organiser

The winner of the prize will be responsible for any costs associated with receiving or using the prize or participating in the competition. MaaS Global Oy will pay the taxes of the prize.

The winner of the prize will release the organiser from all liability arising or alleged to have arisen from participating in this competition or receiving the prize.

The organiser’s liability to the participants does not exceed the value or amount of the prize mentioned in these rules.

By participating in this competition, entrants agree to abide by these lottery rules and the decisions of the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the rules by posting them on the Whim ‘City Bike Season 2022 Helsinki & Espoo’ campaign page.

Processing and use of personal data in direct marketing

Personal information collected in connection with the competition may be used for the delivery of winners’ prizes.

Personal information will not be used for direct marketing.

The free travel credit (value €5) will be given to every Whim user who buys the City Bike Season 2022 in the Whim app before June 1st, 2022. The travel credit is automatically added to the user’s profile after the purchase of the City Bike Season 2022.

The €5 travel credit is valid for one month after the purchase. The expiration date of the travel credit is visible in the user’s profile. Unused travel credit will be removed automatically after the expiration date.

The travel credit can be used for all modes available in Whim (e.g. HSL single tickets, Whim Ten Tickets, TIER and Voi e-scooters, taxi rides) but not on subscriptions (e.g. HSL 30-day, HSL 30-day Student).