Experience the seamless way to move around

Public transportation, city bikes, e-scooters, ferry tickets, taxis and affordable rental cars, all in one app.

Whim is the all-in-one app for mobility

Public transport, citybikes, eScoots, rental cars and shared cars. Whatever your choice, you’ll find it in Whim. It’s easy to use all familiar modes of transport in Whim. You can pay as you go and never pay anything extra.

Add a season or serial ticket when needed

When you move around more regularly, the season and serial tickets are a more affordable and convenient option. What’s more, you also get the amazing Whim benefits that you can enjoy for the duration of your subscription period.

  • Be ready for every trip

    Say goodbye to multiple apps, cards and cash.

  • Stay on the map

    You can see all transport options conveniently in map view and plan your trip with our journey planner.

    • Low-cost mobility, all the time

      No hidden costs. Remember to utilize your unique Whim benefits.

    • Use it the way you want

      Pay one trip at a time, buy handy season tickets or try our new pre-paid packages.

      What is Whim?

      Whim makes moving around easy and sustainable. Whim is an award-winning mobility app where you can find all the transport modes you need. Say goodbye to multiple apps, cards and cash! You can plan, book and pay all your trips directly in Whim. More than 20 million trips have already been made via Whim. Join us!