Together with Positive Impact we have calculated our full carbon footprint for 2019 based on the GHG Protocol. You can find the statement of the calculations here. It is clear that there is always room for improvement. In the process of calculating our 2019 footprint we identified areas where we can further improve our performance. Across all of our operations and Whim app we are committing to:

  • Tracking our performance annually by CO2/turnover, CO2/customer and CO2/ride across the company.
  • Working together with our current and future transport service provider partners to significantly increase low and zero carbon mobility options in Whim.
  • Working towards improving the CO2 data granularity and availability from Whim rides. As we do not operate any of the transport services ourselves, we will work with our partners as well as the industry on the whole to reach this goal.
  • Further improving our purchase processes and policies to fully take into consideration sustainability factors, especially increasing the CO2 data granularity from our suppliers and partners.